San Francisco City Golf Championship down to 16 players going into Sundays matches

In near perfect conditions, the 2012 SF City field was cut in half from 32 down to 16 players. The days two biggest upsets were Cody Blick defeated #2 seed Nicolo Galletti and Jake Yount defeated the number 5 seed Rick Reinsberg. I was almost a first round casualty as well, as I was fortunate to win this close match that could have gone either way. Unfortunately John Sawin missed two short putts on 17 and 18 that would have won him the match. Although not my best day of golf, match play takes a toll on your nerves as it’s much more stressful than stroke play.

The real winner today was again Harding Park and the amazing condition this golf course is in. With weather approaching 70 degrees today, it could not have been much better of a day to play a stressful round at Harding Park. In the other match in my group, fellow Olympian Andrew Biggadike played solid golf to defeat Wes Sandroni 2&1. Tomorrow I play my friend Andrew, which should be a good match. I will need to play better than I did today as I believe with the warm weather most matches will be won with under par performances. Today on the converted par 5 holes 9 and 12 I had 7 iron and 5 iron into these greens, both poorly executed, but salvaged my birdie 4 on each hole that really felt like a par ( all professional events play these as par 4 holes, and rightfully so!).

I hope the results link works below, I’ve been having some dificulties with it as I also am an amateur blogger. For Sundays results and comments on truly one o the countries best amateur events, STAY TUNED

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  1. Thanks for the great updates Randy & condolences–Will Johnson up here gets his amateur status back in Oct. & looking forward to the City next year.

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