SF City Championship off to a Blustery start

Today the SF City Championship qualifier commenced at Harding Park and Lincoln Park. The wind was up and so were the sores with only two scores under par at Lincoln Park with Ben Corfee and
Stephen Molinelli both playing out of the Olympic Club had 67’s. Myself and Barry Logar followed with even par 68’s on a day where the wind swirled and got stronger as the day progressed. Tournament officials have done a great job getting pairings of 3 out in the qualifying rounds to make the play move along and allow for a possible playoff Sunday afternoon to fill the 32 spots for match play.

This is the second year of 32 players making match play, versus the typical 64 in the past. This allows the event to be concluded after 3 weekends not the usual 4. Harding Park and Lincoln Park are in outstanding condition, but beware, the real winter weather usually doesn’t hit us until the City tournament begins. I predict that 150 or 151 will play off for the final match play spots, with matches beginning next Saturday.

This year I hope to provide some unique insight into this years US Open at the Olympic Club, the British Senior Open I am exempt and playing in, and the Western Amateur many consider to be the premier amateur event in the world, to name a few.

Stay tuned for more results from the SF





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