7th Seaver Cup gets underway Thursday December 15th NCGA vs. SCGA

Here we are again ready to start the 7th bi-annual Seaver Cup. So many will ask, what is the Seaver Cup??

The Seaver Cup was started 14 years ago at Ojai Valley in 1997 where Charles Seaver and family where present to launch the inaugural event. Charles Seaver may not have been as famous as his Hall of Fame son Tom Seaver, but the man I knew, Mr. Charles Seaver was about as good a human being as I’ve ever know period. He was a family man, a character, inspirational, NCGA past President, and a helluva an athlete. I have the utmost respect for this man, and I hope and pray his achievements, and most importantly his contributions to the game of golf will never be forgotten.

There are only two men in history that have held the titles of California Amateur, NCGA Amateur and SCGA Amateur. Charles won all three, and in my book is a legend of golf on a National level. He went head to head with the likes of Bobby Jones, and many other legendary golf icons. The game of Golf misses the legends, now it’s turn Pro and get into the money game, the amateur game has lost it’s luster, it’s media coverage, and it’s appeal.

Okay so it’s not about Tiger Woods, or Luke Donald, this is about a bunch of guys that play for the love of the game, like Charles Seaver. It’s about a bunch of amazing volunteers that give their time to be here with us to referee the matches and be a part of the event. This is not a bunch of BS, this is amateur golf at it’s very best, team competition, spirited matches, and at the end of the day on Friday we shake hands, appreciate we don’t play for money, and we go back to our everyday lives. We love the game, we love to compete, and we want to WIN!!!

I must admit that this year I want to beat the So Cal team, especially since I am paired against the two legends of amateur golf Tim Hogarth and Kevin Marsh. Both of these guys have won National Championships and have been invited to play in the MASTER (yes the Masters played at Augusta National). These guys can play, and Scott Hardy and I have our hands full off the 1st tee tomorrow at 7:15 (or later with a frost delay) If we beat these guys, we will be thrilled, and in defeat we will be happy for the match, but very unhappy with the outcome. We are NOT PAID to play in this event, we PAY to fly down, rent a car, and take three days of our lives to honor and play in the Seaver Cup. There are very few things that would come before this event, as we have camaraderie, competition, and  the juices flowing.

As an example of competitive juices, today I was paired with legend amateurs Casey Boyns (my partner) Jim Knoll and Jeff Burda. On the 15th tee we decided to have a $20 match for the last 4 holes….the short version is Knoll birdied 15, 16 and 17 and Burda birdied 18. We pressed after 16 and we birdied 17 and 18 and were happy to pay these guys $20 vs. $40. I am expecting BIG THINGS from our two seniors Jeff Burda and Jim Knoll, not only are these world class guys, but they can play like they are playing for their last meal.

I am so proud and honored to be representing the NCGA with my partner Scott Hardy. I will post results tomorrow, as the NCGA needs to win as we are behind in the matches 3-1-2 three defeats, 1 win and two ties. Ties suck, nobody has won!!

Tomorrow the 8 players on each team will play better ball in the am match and then alternate shot in the afternoon (that could be ugly!. Stay tuned for results and thanks for checking in!!

Randy Haag

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