Today I was honored by the best golf publication in the World, the GlobalGolfPost. In today’s weekly edition famous sports and golf writer John Steinbreder wrote an article titled “The California Dreamer Who Can “Play”. The two page article is linked below). I am so appreciative of this wonderful article, and it further motivates me to keep the “Dream” alive. The DREAM is truly being healthy first, and second to have the opportunity to play competitive golf on a Global basis.

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I had a chance to take the month of November off from golf after perhaps my best year and month (Oct) in amateur golf. 2011 was my most consistent season I’ve had, but lacked a real major win. Not to say that winning the Sliver Medal in the British Senior Open as low amateur, and winning the Stocker Cup weren’t big events, but winning an event rich with college players like the California State Amateur or the Northern California Amateur would have made this year extra special!

Some might say those events are out of reach for the 40+ year old, as history has proven over the past ten years. But I still believe that with an intensified workout regimen, better nutrition, and a rock solid short game that winning one of these events is not out of reach. Maybe it’s a pipe-dream and this year was a fluke, but I refuse to believe that my best golf still cannot be ahead of me. So the game plan is  to get into the best shape of my life, into the  best mental shape of my life, and to take a new and improved short game into the new year.

Life is amazing, it gives us so many great opportunities in so many areas of our lives, yet it goes by fast if we don’t seize the moment and make it count. So in my quest to get in the best possible shape on November 7th  I surrendered the use of Alcohol, Sugar, Carbohydrates  and fatty foods. I implemented an aggressive workout regimen utilizing P90X, TPI and Egoscue stretching.

After less than one month, I have dropped 14 pounds (198-184) I feel better, stronger, and know  I ‘m on my way to better withstand the rigors of playing 36 holes a day, several days in a row. I think it’s absurd to wait until Jan 1st to start some New Years resolution that won’t last the month. I suggest making these changes now, dive in, be strong, the see fast  result.

I will religiously stick with the P90X which is a very tough and physically demanding series of workouts that anyone at any level of fitness can benefit from. The key is to make the changes and stick with the health and exercise end and you’ll notice almost immediate improvement. The improvement will be motivating and will enable you to continue in your quest. Make sure you have goals, and give yourself a reward of some sort as you reach your goals.

In 2012 I look forward to providing more video on the short game, a series on the BEST exercises for golf, and a monthly look at how the Olympic Lake course will change as we approach opening day of the 2012 US Open in June.



  1. Great blog! I met you in locker room at Inverness at the Senior Open . What’s tpi and egoscue stretching ? Tony Green

  2. Yes, great blog.
    Congrets to the articel and to you’re great year.
    Living without alchol is one of mine, but without sugar.mmmmh i love chocolate to much 😉
    How many days a week are you on the range. Or how is your typicall day.
    Do you work with TRX ?

    Tony, Tpi is the Titleist Perfomance Institut, watch the homepage, they have great Bodyworkouts.

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