Posted by: randyhaaggolf | October 9, 2011


What I’ve always liked best about amateur golf has been the people. I met Jack Luceti about 25 years ago, a fellow Olympian and top notch amateur golfer. Jack to this day is one of the finest gentlemen I’ve ever met, and won his accomplishment of 7 Olympic Club Championships will always be considered a major feat in the era he won those championships. He had to battle the likes of John Abendroth, Tom Culligan, Bob Callan, Ray Pelligrini, Scotty Spence, and many other iconic Olympians.

What made Jack special was how he competed, he was not only a phenomenal player, but as a sportsman he was as fine a gentleman as you’ll ever meet. We miss Jack at the Olympic Club, he has retired as a dentist and has moved away, but I want those that will read this post, that what makes the Olympic Club so great is simply the people we have as members. We have over 5,000 members that are there because they are passionate about their sport, and Jack was passionate about golf with grace and style.

Today I am honored and privileged to join Jack as a 7 time Olympic Champion. My victory capped off a dream summer, and has left me emotional and touched to think I am in such great company. My day was glorious from start to finish and I appreciate the friendly match I had today with my long time friend Phil Huff, who is a past Champion himself.

Tomorrow I tee it up again at Bayonet for the NCGA Masters 4 Ball

Stay tuned for results and the new diet and workout to get ready for the 2012 season!


  1. Randy,

    Congratulations on the win. Just wondering if you could quickly outline the format of the Olympic Club Championship. Stroke play to qualify then to match play?

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