We are seeing the beautiful shaping of the Lake course as the day click off towards the 2012 US Open that I’m sure will be one of the most exciting Opens in recent memory. I can assure you that a big under par score will not win the event. I think the USGA is still fuming about the soft conditions of the past rainy and wet opens. June in SF may have some fog and moisture, but after seeing how firm the fairways were last June in the Cal State amateur, I am sure the Lake will be a menacing challenge and par will be a brilliant score.

I’m going to re-do the course guide I did previously for the Cal State amateur now that the course is getting all the rough lines and grass variances for the Open. I plan to hit you with many opinions on how to play each hole, and give you insight into this incredible track that only has one fairway bunker, no water hazards, and very little trouble (OB or lost ball chances)

This weekend the Olympic Club continues it Presidents Cup which is the Official club championship. Tomorrow morning the quarterfinal matches will go early starting at 7:15 with Nick Ushijima (Medalist) vs the dangerous big man Mike Staskus. This match would be fun to watch as both of these guys are good friends of mine and love to compete. Nick has perhaps one of the worlds best short games, although not long off the tee, Nick is straight as a arrow. Big Mike just shot a -4 9 holes at the Metedeconk National Invitational that awards players on their nine hole scores giving Mike a nice piece of crystal. The next match is a good one as well with two past champions going into battle 7 time SF champion Gary Vanier vs. Cal Bear alum Phil Huff. This match should provide some great golf as both of these guys excel in tournament situations and either one is capable of winning the event. In the other bracket we have Eric Smith (past finalsit) playing the steady Tim Dien, these guys like the rest can play and will fired up to compete in this important club event. In the last match of the Championship flight I am pitted against past UCLA Bruin and European tour pro Stephen Simpkin, Stephen is a longtime friend of mine and will provide me with a huge challenge. Stephen shot a solid 76 in the qualifier in tough conditions, and as a past champion himself, I will have my hands full.

I’ll have full results of both the quarter finals and afternoon semi finals on Sat eve.

On a side note,Tiger is playing in the Bay Area at the Fry’s, on Wednesday I bet a good friend of mine that Tiger won’t make the cut, he gave me 10:1 odds (my $10 to his $100) I hate to root against Tiger, but I have to admit I used to always root for Tiger as the biggest ambassador in golf since Palmer, but after all the crap he’s been trough, it’s hard for me to root for him or like him much. The surely growly face he puts on makes me think how unappreciative he is for the opportunity he’s had to make a billion dollars playing golf. Yes he’s responsible for the bigger purses, and the overall interest in golf, but I find him hard to like, and I persoanlly don’t think he one bit remorseful for the embarrassing conduct he has displayed as the ambassador of the game. So I will root for him to miss the cut so I can collect my $100, and watch him sourly leave the premises and probably blame the poor play on the course conditions (internally of course) this is not a good guy, a guy that genuinely cares about others the way he should. All his charitable activities are to make him appear like he cares. I think yes, he cares about the kids, but he just as easily can walk by them as they vie for his attention.

Okay that’s enough Tiger bashing, it’s a love/hate with me with him…maybe he can win me back one day by being a better role model, and then professional player.

New instructional video coming with Terry Rowles as well




  1. I tend to agree in regards to Tiger. Looking forward to seeing what Terry comes up with as an instructional segment. No way the pros break par on the Lake Course if the greens are firm the the rough thickens up.

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