True to my word I wanted to post these pictures of the 2011 Shadow Hawk venue in Richmond Texas outside of Houston. I’m not sure why every USGA event has a thunderstorm following it, but every event I’ve played in this year has been severely affected by weather (all in the Midwest- Toledo Ohio, Milwaukee Wisconsin and Houston Texas) The rain delay had us coming back this morning to finish off 7 holes. With 7 holes left I had zero chance of making the cut which I expected to be 148 or 149.

Sometimes I really struggle to write this golf blog because it’s hard to articulate the frustration I feel when things go poorly on the links. Today was the first day that I actually felt normal and acclimated to the climate here in Houston. After a brutal butcher job after yesterdays rain delay of three hours I came back out to the 16th hole (my 7th hole on the day) after a perfect drive on this 460 yard par 4 hole I hit a seven iron in the left bunker into a nice uphill lie. After  brutal chunk, I again chunked #2 attempt followed by a fatty on the green resulting in a triple bogey 7 killing any chance I had at making my 14th consecutive advancement into the top 64 for the match play portion of the event. To make matters worse I birdied the next two holes to give me hope, only to fire my tee shot into the lake on #1 (my 10th hole) to again throw an ugly seven on my card. Darkness set in making our day end after 11 ugly holes, with a 5:3wake up call looming Monday morning.

This morning on the range I could tell my body finally had some rotation and tempo, so I expected to play well over the last 7 holes. I actually hit every fairway and green coming in, with the only hiccup being a 3 putt from 15 feet on #6 followed by birdies on my last two holes #8 and #9. I’m not sure I have ever made 6 birdies in a round of golf and shot 75 (+3) but it’s easy math  when you have two 7’s on your card a double and two bogeys. Under normal circumstances in a USGA event if I had an option to make 8 birdies in 36 holes I would sign up for that in a heart beat. But when you mix in a triple bogey two doubles and 9 ugly bogeys, it adds up to 153 and my first Mid AM cut in over 25 years. VERY DISAPPOINTING….BUT keeping perspective on life and the importance of family and relationships, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a week with my dad that just had open heart surgery three weeks ago. Being around this amazing man is inspirational and makes me realize how lucky that I have both my parents still alive and well in their 80’s.

Honestly I haven’t even looked at what made the cut or who won their first round match today, all of that is available at sorry I am not linking this to the site tonight as I’m wiped out from the three days in a row of waking up very early and I wanted to at least share my thoughts of the 2011 US Am at Shadow Hawk. This course I believe could produce a surprise winner, someone that is obscure and fairly unknown. This course is there for the taking really by anyone. I am not a big fan of either course we played, the Bermuda grass I don’t like, not do I like the look of the grass on the greens (despite how incredibly smooth they are) I guess if I was medalist I would be singing the praises (I doubt it) it’s just not like what I’m used to, and the three USGA events in the Midwest didn’t suit me or my game.

I laughed today when I was thinking about this blog and what I would write today. What most golfers ask each other is “what did you shoot” and if it’s shitty the person asking really doesn’t care to hear the details, the number of three putts, they just want to know the number. On the course nobody wants to hear you rant and rave about your game, how you got screwed by a bad break or any other emotional reaction you have. What people take note of is the guy that absolutely gets screwed on a hole and he shows ZERO emotion….that is my goal to be that person, to show ZERO emotion when things are not going well.

With my son on the bag, I am very disappointed with myself that I let a few F-bombs out as I made blunderous mistake after blunderous mistake. This game will test your metal and make you crazy with frustration and test your patience and guile. To be a true winner in this game you must learn to accept the good with the bad, and after playing so well for so long this defeat was hard to swallow. I am the first person to admit I’m nowhere near perfect, and certainly not on the course. The challenge is I have the burning competitive juices flowing, with an expectation of success and a certain level of play. When this goes bad it’s hard to handle, some are good at hiding their emotions, others not so good.

All I can reflect on now is how fortunate I’ve been this year to have qualified for three USGA events, and have played in 2 senior majors (British and US Senior Opens). I have played all over the world, met some incredible people and everyday I live the dream of doing something I truly love and enjoy. Today was encouraging and gives me hope for the upcoming Metedeconk National Invitational and the Crump Cup at Pine Valley next week.

My apology there won’t be further input from the 2011 US Mid Am, but don’t be surprised if there is a surprise winner of this event




tee shot off the 10th tee water all down the left side
2nd shot into the 429 yard 10th hole water all down the left side
Par 3 11th hole playing at 216 yards with a slight prevailing wind
Tee shot on this 425 yard par 4 12th hole that doglegs slightly to the left and over water I found a 3 wood to fir my eye better for this hole
2nd shot into the 12th hole from about 140 yards out. This green provides a wide target
Tee shot on the 369 yard 13th hole requiring only approx 240 yards off the tee, fairway bunkers guard the right side
2nd shot into #13 from 110 yards out, the water you see is casual water
562 yard par five 14th hole tee shot needs to be left center as a hazard awaits shots down the right side
2nd shot from 250 yards out on the par 5 14th hole


tee shot on the 410 yard par 4 15th hole
2nd shot into 15 from 120 yards out
Tee shot on the sharp dogleg right par four 460 yard 16th hole
2nd shot into the long 16th hole with a narrow green
illustration of how the ball sinks down in this Bermuda rough
Beautiful 169 yard par three 17th hole over water
From left to right my pals from Nor Cal Eddie "the slinger" Davis, Randy "the bad attitude" Haag and Jon "you can't beat me" Peterson
Tee shot on the par 5 18th hole measuring 540 yards
2nd shot intothis par 5 hole over water from 200 yards out
Tee shot on the par five 560 yard 1st hole
2nd shot into the par 5 1st hole from 220 yards out
Tee shot on the 348 yard par four 2nd hole with a lake down the right side
2nd shot into the short par four 2nd hole from 80 yards
Tee shot on the LONG par 4 fourth hole measuring 472 yards uphill with a hazard down the left side
2nd shot into the LONG 3rd hole from 167 yards out
210 yard par three 3rd hole
441 yard par 4 5th hole with a lake down the right side
2nd shot into the 5th hole
Tee shot on the short 6th hole of 371 yards
beautiful par three 7th hole from 164 over water
one foot of the green in the Bermuda rough the ball settles down making this a very tough chip shot
Tee shot on the 459 yard 8th hole
2nd shot into #8
Tee shot on the par five 9th hole with a lake down the right side
2nd shot into the par 5 9th hole


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