Everywhere I go it seems a large number of golfers are curious about my unique way of putting called face on or Side Saddle. I have repeated the story many times as to why It was imperative that I change to this method. Back in the 90’s I had world class yips with the putter, tried everything and actually won the Stocker Cup putting with my eyes closed for 54 holes. But that was not the solution nor was it fun…like putting in the dark!

I tell people that I tried every possible alternative to putting regular, cross handed, left handed cross handed, long putter, altered grip of all sorts, etc….

But the reality was that none of these would work because my right hand was so active during the putt, that I had no chance, even with the help of a sports psychologist. I witnessed many phenomenal side saddle putters, Lou Alvarez, Steve Wolff, and Jack Koski to name a few. Jack Koski made a side saddle putter called the “So Easy” that I originally started using in 1997. I was at the point where I had no other options but to quit the game or try something new that would keep the horrible flinches away. The unfortunate consequence of switching to side saddle putting is that it’s NOT a quick fix, and it took at least a year to get the speed down on longer putts. It’s still difficult with putts over mounds and off the fringe of the green. But inside 5 feet…look out, you shouldn’t miss many of these putts ever, and that’s what I was looking for.

Since switching to Side Saddle I’ve won approx 70 amateur tournaments, have played in over 20 USGA events, and have been Northern California Player of the Year 4 times. This is not to brag, but to let you know that what Side Saddle putting did for me was allow me to compete and be very CONSISTENT with my putting, which is the goal in the game. I 100% attribute my wins in the Crump Cup at Pine Valley in 2000 & 2002 to my putter, on those slick and smooth greens I was able to make put after putt.

So what’s the key to Side Saddle putting- It’s quite simple, if you can hold the putter in your left hand and have it teeter at the top as your pendulum, then you can hit your putts with the speed and line you want almost every time. Much more difficult said then done, this took a commitment of many years to perfect,  but with Jack Koski help and sticking with it, I have been able to anchor the top of the putter with mu thumb and index finger and just let it teeter back and forth keeping the top of the pendulum perfectly still. This is 100% the key to this type of putting.

I believe that Side Saddle putting is the best way to putt, and so does the short game guru Dave Pelz, he wrote in his short game book that if he were to start a new golfer putting he’d have them learn to putt side saddle. I 100% agree, the yips are no fun and almost all golfers get them at some point, with the side saddle technique you will NEVER GET THE YIPS.

The key is to get someone that knows how to teach the technique to work with you (very few people), and there are very few sidesaddle putters that are worth trying- I use a side saddle STX that was bought off Ebay, is a place to buy and get instruction and Jack Koski has a so easy putter (I can give you his contact info if interested) But don’t just suffer with the YIPS, do something about it…I finally did and everyone that I know who has committed 100% to the style has become a better than average putter.

More on this subject on a later post, I’ll have video of how to properly approach putting face on!




  1. hey Randy, great information. I also am a big side saddle fan, and I am committed to the technique based on the laws of physics and nature. Tried different grips and techniques. Do you actively swing right arm in a roll the ball action, or are you pulling club back and letting it gravity swing like Lateral Line style? Thanks for the help!

    • I had wondered that as well and saw a brief clip on youtube. Sounds like Randy will be posting more video soon, but until then, the link below is a side view. It appears to be an actively swinging right arm. It will be interesting to hear from Randy.

  2. Randy,

    Thanks for taking the time to post. I switched this week and have already improved. Really looking forward to your upcoming videos on how to side saddle putt. You are right, there really aren’t many to help out new side saddle putters, so your information is really valuable. I will be looking out for the upcoming videos. Thanks again.

  3. Randy,

    Thanks for posting about this approach. I plan to try face-on chipping as means for getting around the chipping yips.

  4. Randy, I really love this article it is refreshing and truthful about switching to sidesaddle putting. I actually make and sell sidesaddle putters and would love to put a link to this blog page to help users make better decisions before purchasing. I want customers to understand that sidesaddle is not a magic bullet but rather a commitment to putting in a whole new way. my website is at

    if it’s OK with you I would put a link on my home page pointing directly back to this page.

  5. Randy, Great article in the WSJ. Please tell me who makes your putter? Thanks, Bryce Powell

  6. Randy,
    Does your method comply with the USGA ban of not anchoring your forearm to your body? I can’t tell in your video if you are.
    Joe S.

    • Thanks for your comment, since my method of putting sidesaddle is not anchoring the putter to my body in any way it will not be affected by this new ruling

  7. Randy,
    I’ve been studying and using your technique for about two months now. I’m nowhere automatic on 5’putts/less. I seem to push/pull a lot. What technique do you use to ensure straight back/through? Thanks. r/Chuck C.

    • You should try different grips, to find one that works. You need to be able to pull the putter back and through squarely

  8. Randy..big fan of sidesaddle..currently using a Juanputt putter…been very happy with it.
    Three questions:
    1. Do you have putter shaft vertical so that heel of putter is slightly off ground, or keep putter head flat which maintains shaft on 10 degree angle?
    2. Do you have your eyes over ball (requiring spine lean to right), or maintain a neutral spine which brings your eyes more inside over your rightfoot instead of directly over the target/ball line.
    3. Does that STX putter have 0 degrees of loft? If it has loft I’m guessing you are letting the putter sole completely (no heel up) to avoid deflection angle problems?
    Thanks for your help-
    Tom D

    • Hi Tom,

      1. Yes I have the putter shaft vertical to be in compliance
      2. Yes eyes over the ball
      3. This I will need to check on, I am not sure

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you find this Blog useful

      Randy Haag

  9. Randy,

    I really want to try the face-on method, but I’m unsure what putter to purchase. Any guidance?

  10. I have written a book on this style of putting and why it has both visual and physical advantages over any traditional putting style. is my web site. Available in all ebook formats! This will be the biggest paradigm shift in the 500-year history of the game!

  11. randy, I’m working with steve wolfe and really enjoying going side saddle, would like jack koski phone number to see what putters might work best. thanks

    • Hi Bob,
      Jack Koski (the guru of Side Saddle putting) number is 209-529-4033
      I use the STX Side Saddle putter for may years now an over 60 amateur victories with it. Try getting it on Ebay
      Let me know how you progress
      All the best,
      Randy Haag

    • Hi Rob,
      Yes that is a very good putter, but its not really a belly putter. You can find these often on Ebay. I think you would like this putter!!
      Let me know how it works out

      • Thanks so much for your response. I haven’t been able to find any of the stx side saddle putters on eBay but maybe I just need to be more patient. Any other sources you know of?

  12. I think Ebay is the best source at finding these STX putters, still a few floating around.
    I usually pay up to $150 for them

    • What do you think of the STX sync 3? Is that one of the STX side saddle models? Sorry to bug you with this but I can’t find much about it on the web. Thanks so much for your help!!

  13. I’ve found it easier to go straight back straight thru with the putter soled flat as designed and shaft held in front of you at its 10 degree angle.I use a 49 inch two ball putter so I can be more erect and save my back! 2 time USGA Senior Amateur Contestant and 4 time State Senior Champion

  14. I have 3 STX putters, 2 black face and one green. They are all different lengths. Did you cut your putter down to make it 44.5″ long? What is the proper length for this putter? What type of grip do you recommend? Winn split grip or just a tour velvet grip cut in half?

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