I must admit that one of the secrets to my success this year has been Terry Rowles (not sure I want to share him with everyone) Terry is the BEST I’ve ever worked with regarding the short game, he knows this part of the game cold!

We spend so much time on the swing and we neglect the little shots that save shots around the green. This is one of many future clips where we will show some techniques that just plain work. The key to this video is the 20 degree tilt left on these chips, that leads to good contact and a proper chip. CHECK IT OUT


  1. Randy,

    Got turned onto your site by the folks at, really enjoy your writing and the thoughts of a good competitive amateur player. I’m a dreaded sufferer of the “chipping yips” and I’m really excited to try this new set up and think a lot about using the bounce as opposed to the leading edge (I’m very guilty of digging and producing a chunk). Keep up the blogs….best of luck on the rest of your season-Crump Cup this year I hope?

  2. Rather good cheers, It looks like your current subscribers might possibly want considerably more posts similar to this carry on the good effort.

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