I’ve spent the last several hours trying to come up with the politically correct way to say that the weather in Ireland can be next to impossible to play golf in, like today at County Sligo. With wind and blowing rain and hail, the course was perhaps the toughest I’ve ever played anywhere in the world. The proof is in the scores, with only one round under 80, my scrappy 79 the average scratch player score was 89. The ball were moving on the green, and it was very difficult to even swing the club without falling over.

The wind was estimated at 50-70 MPH at times with sideways rain that would shred any umbrella. Very tough to say it was enjoyable, finishing the round brought the greatest joy to my day. The team competition was dominated by the Irish Clubs with Sutton holding the top spot with 187 point. The team results are as follows:

  1. Sutton 187
  2. Co. Sligo 181
  3. Portrush  176
  4. Co. Louth 164
  5. Ballybunion 155
  6. Pine Valley 154
  7. Olympic Club 144
  8. Lahinch 142
  9. Garden City 137
  10. Bel Air 132
  11. Winged Foot 132
  12. Portmarnock 126
  13. Oak Hill 109
  14. Oakmont 101

The forcast for tomorrow doesn’t look any better as the Hurricane weather pushes through Ireland. This was a very tough tough day of golf and I suspect that tomorrow may even be tougher.

Well what do you do in these conditions- #1 you slow you swing speed down to create less spin. #2 you stay incredibly patient #3 you try to NOT ground the putter on the greens #4 you understand it’s only for 4.5 hours and you need to keep the ball moving forward and out of the air.


I cannot imagine a friendly place, the people in Ireland are as friendly as I’ve seen anywhere I’ve been in the world. Hard to believe Ireland only has about 4.5 million people, less than what’s in the greater Bay Area i Norther California.

Today I did something I’ve never dome before…I left my putter in my hotel room. I unfortunately didn’t realize this until I got to the 1st green (it was raining sideways before I tee off so no need to practice putt) So then the choice was putting with a driver or a bladed sand wedge. I chose the bladed sand wedge and three putted from 6 feet on #1 for double bogey, and missed a 3 foot birdie putt on #2. My awesome caddy Andy however called the hotel and had my putter there waiting by the tie we hit the 3rd green. Close behind me I have John Carr at 80, and E. O’Connell at 81. The locker room assistant showed me the odds sheet for the scratch players competition where I was listed at 3:1 and Eoughan O’Connell was at 2:1 we’ll see tomorrow what happens here as any score near 80 was quite good considering the conditions.

Beautiful place Rosses Point, great people and the Guinness is amazing over here…(I’ve heard).

Stay tuned for final results tomorrow!

1st hole tee shot



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