Some of the worlds best GOLF PROS are amazing people – Darin Clarke vs. Tiger Woods

I personally haven’t met Darin Clarke before, but it was simply amazing watching him win the OPEN this year. You just know this is a very good man, family man and human being. He had his moment in the sun, an experience he’ll have for life. Darin is one of the really good guys like Nick Price.

Nick Price came up to me on the driving range at Walton Heath and said, “we know each other don’t we?” in a million years I would have never bet that Nick would have remembered one round with me almost thirty years ago at Torrey Pines. He was as nice to me as anyone I’ve ever known, and it made me marvel at how amazing some of these guys are that play this tough game.

I normally don’t put these kind of links in this blog, BUT this is a golf blog and I think Darin Clarke is a freakin hero for what he accomplished with how long the odds were against him!

Good for him, and good for Northern Ireland for producing 3 amazing champions that have skill, grace, talent, and humility. I cannot say the same for all the US players which I have over 30+ years met most of them. Root for Tiger because he is good for golf, but keep in mind that he is not 1000th as real a person as Darin Clarke or Paddy Harrington. When I met Tiger at age 16 he was cocky and standoff ish.

But I root for Tiger on occasion because of how great he is when he’s on his game. I am able to separate my personal feeling for him as a fan of golf. He DOES not give the game a good reputation though with his behavior and cheap nature. He probably has taken some enhancing drugs that he’s paying the price for now with all the injuries. BUT don’t feel sorry for him look at the life he had with his family and riches…But the pull of human nature beat Tiger, and showed us all how weak he really is.

We all have our issues and things that make us inperfect, but I LOVE what Darin Clarke accomplished, it’s a great human interest story with all this guy has endured to have accomplished this feat is simply amazing. See the link below (I hope it works)

These are my views, I’m sure you have your own..? Happy to hear what you think- agree or disagree??

Stay tuned – US Amateur qualifier tomorrow,36 holes of walking the hills of the Peninsula CC

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