Didn’t quite know what to title this post other than day one at the Senior Open. I’m sorry for those of you that followed me on live scoring, it was painful watching double bogey 1 and 2and 3 posted on the back nine (my front nine) Honestly I played most of the round like I should have been under par, but three mediocre shots resulted in double bogeys which you absolutely need to avoid.

The first mistake was spending an hour and 20 minutes warming up in 97 degree weather with 50% humidity. By the time I tee it up my shirt was completely soaked. I soon was dizzy and didn’t prepare properly for the intense heat and humidity. After going 7 over on the day on my 10th hole, which was #1, I said ENOUGH of this crap, start playing golf. The course was set up rather easy with many of the tee’s up, and fairly easy pin positions. It was great to see my pal Michael Allen shoot a 66 tied with Mark OMeara who I said hi to and good round in the locker room without a response back from him. I’m sure he had a lot of people pulling on him to go to the media room etc…but I have never found Mark Omeara to be that friendly. I could be wrong, I only have a handful of experiences to draw from, but remember this blog is unedited and un-edited, so hang on to your hat…….

There are some really good guys on this senior tour and Mike Goodes is one of the best of the best. Today I mentioned I was out of Titleist Balls, and the rep had already left. I had some TM Penta Balls which I like, but the preference right now is the Titleist. Mike said go into my locker and grab a dozen balls, now that’s a solid guy, a guy that played amateur golf until age 50 and now is bringing it hard as a senior pro. I’ll tell you it’s not easy to do, and Mike does us all proud!!

So a loose 8 iron on the par three 12th hole hit the bank and went into the water- double bogey- Of course that was followed by a 300 yard drive on 13, and a eight iron to 20 feet for a solid par on this 470 yard hole. But I followed that up with a pushed drive on 14 into the creek..double bogey. Solid on the long par three 15th to 10 feet, huge drive on 16 and 7 iron right below the hole on the long 16th hole, followed by 3 metal and 9 iron on the 445 yard 17th hole. Too many good shots to be 4 over, but the exclamation was on the 18th hole (my 9th hole) were I hooked my rescue in the left rough, had only 120 to the pin, hit the wrong club in the front bunker, skulled it over the green…double bogey on a birdie hole.

To make matters worse I again hooked my rescue on #1 (my 10th hole) into the left bunker, thin into the lip with 9 iron, thin with wedge skipped it out to the bottom the hill and looking like another double bogey…UGHHHHHHHH. BUT I salvaged a bogey which was my motivation to keep fighting. I couldn’t find a glove that wasn’t all wet, I never had a good feeling with my glove on as I start with sweaty hands. ENOUGH of these excuses, basically I just sucked today, and I need to suck it up and shoot 3 under tomorrow to have a chance at making the cut.

I will not look at the scores, I don’t want to know what the cut line is going to be, I’m just going to slap myself and start playing smart golf for ALL 18 holes.

The weather tomorrow looks ugly with humid rain and thunder showers expected. Don’t want to whine but the guys that played this morning have a HUGE advantage, not that it would have mattered that much to me.

This traveling and living out of a suitcase is not easy, and both Reiner and I have a new type of respect for the guys that do this for a living. For me this is all for the love of the game, the competition and measuring myself against the best in the world. After two hockey stick rounds (77) I am glad I to be an amateur, playing in these events for pride and a medal.

Tomorrow the bags will be packed in case the end is near (missing the cut), I haven’t missed a cut yet this year, and I won’t go down without a fight!!

So stay tuned for the good, the bad or even the ugly I will be back to report tomorrow’s events!!

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  1. Sounds like you played real well for a 77. 3 doubles @ Inverness is easily done.
    I thought the USGA set up for Inverness was very lenient by their standards. There was no significant rough to speak of and the greens were not severely fast.

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