On Tuesday I had an opportunity to play nine holes with Fuzzy Zoeller and Ben Crenshaw. It was a memorable couple of hours for me to play with two of the games best players, and to listen the Fuzz crack everyone up with one liner after one liner. Again, playing with these guys cranked up the pressure off the 1st hole, and fortunately for me I ripped one down the middle. I actually stripped every tee ball for nine holes and got the ultimate compliment from Ben when he introduced me to another friend of his and told his friend that he thought I had a serious game (not bad coming from a Masters Champ) but the real highlight was the banter between Fuzzy and Ben. Fuzzy would be talking to the gallery with a cigarette in his mouth while hitting his tee shots.

Although Fuzzy and Ben are a bit shorter than they were in their prime, they still have the desire to compete!!

One of the funny lines was when Fuzzy was hassling Ben about his long hair and offered to pay for a haircut, Ben said “No thanks, my hair is the only thing that still works on my body” probably had to be there but I can promise you that Fuzzy is actually funnier in person than any TV clips I’ve seen of him, especially with the gallery. He must have signed 500+ autographs during our nine holes. I’ll talk about the course more in the next post, this is strictly dedicated to these two guys, and how much fun they were to hang with for nine holes.

I asked Ben how long he has been putting with his putter that looked similar to the one that I used to see him use to win the Masters. He said he has been using the same putter since he was sixteen. What a stroke he still possesses, and what a nice gentleman these guys both were. This tour and this event is successful because of these legends that take the time to acknowledge the fans and take time to say hello and sign autographs. I was quite impressed with these guys, their genuine kindness and great attitudes. I will be rooting for my new friends and I hope they play well on this VERY DIFFICULT golf course!

Randy Haag & Ben Crenshaw
Fuzzy Zoeller & Randy Haag on the 9th green
Ben Crenshaw & Reiner

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