The 7th hole at Walton Heath is not long, but an accurate tee shot is necessary to have good shot at making a birdie three.

Big trouble left and right requires an accurate tee shot on #7

I’ll hit a 3 metal off this tee into the left center portion of the fairway leaving a nive open shot into the green with a wedge or 9 iron.

2nd shot into #7 from 120 yards

This wide green has a lot of room behind the left bunker, which should be avoided. This is a legit birdie chance once you’ve found the fairway off the tee

This view of the green shows the large menacing bunker on the left that needs to be avoided. This green is very wide, and llike the others has subtle breaks throughout this large green

The 8th hole is 442 yards long that plays slightly downhill with a left to right sloping fairway. Heavy heather awaits an errant tee shot right here and left is not much better. A tee shot in the fairway again is critical to success on #8.

Left center is the line off the tee on #8

The second shot into the 8th green plays about 5 yards downhill and typically has the wind at your back. After a good drive, I only had a wedge left into the green from 132 yards out.

2nd shot into #8

The 8th green is tilted from back to front and from left to right. The usual undulation exists here on #8 with the downhill putts a but quicker than they look.

The 8th green

The par 3 ninth hole is 189 yards long and plays slightly downhill to a large and wide green. The front left is a 7 iron, middle and 6 and back left plays 200+ yards and is a 5 iron

Tee shot to the par 3 189 yard 9th hole at Walton Heath
A large bunker guards the left front of the 9th green

Tee shot on the 396 yard 10th hole

The tee shot on #10 may be the most generous fairway to hit. I’ve been hitting 3 metal sand wedge into the green. The tee shot plays downhill and the fairway slopes from left to right. A 240 yard tee shot is all you need on this hole to have some kind of a wedge left. This is a great birdie chance!

2nd shot into #10 from 90 yards

The 10th green is much narrower than most WH greens, but with only 100 yards or less into the green, and good birdie chance awaits.

The 10th green

The 11th hole is a reachable 529 yard par 5. The key is to keep the drive left and away from the bunkers down the right side. After a solid drive this green is easily reachable with 3 metal or rescue. The wind is left to right off the tee and downwind into this large green that slopes away at the back. It’s important to start off well on 10 and 11, as a very tough stretch of par 4 are up next at 12-16.

Tee shot on the par 5 529 yard 11th hole
2nd shot into 11 from 230 yards out
11th green

10 and 11 should be played at -1 or -2 depending on the wind. Number 12 starts a stretch of 5 very tough par 4 holes in a row.

tee shot on the 451 yard par 4 12th hole plays slightly downhill

A left center tee shot is ideal at #12. Trouble awaits errant tee shots like all f the holes at WH

2nd shot into #12 play slightly downhill with the wind at your back with the prevailing wind
The 12th green is 40 yards long which will make club selection important


After a good drive at #12 a mid to short iron is all that will be left into this VERY long green that has a bunker short right, and another bunker at the middle of the green on the left guarding the back left of the green. Players will look to make a solid 4 on this hole!

Stay tuned for holes 13-18 and 1st day results



  1. solid opening, cracking round of golf, shame about 16


  2. Great playing Randy! Way to represent the Olympic Club. Good luck next week. We will be following you.



  3. Great stuff Randy, congratulations on anothe silver medal!

    Good luck this week,


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