It’s not often you get a chance to play with a player like Bernhard Langer, two time Masters champ and last years British Senior Open and US Senior Open champ. I was actually a little nervous thinking about playing with him, fortunately he was late to the 1st tee and I already had blasted one down the middle before he arrived. This is a picture of his first swing.

Langers tee shot off #1 in the practice round

What I wanted to learn from Langer was how he approached each hole, what practice shots he hit, and why. I asked him what he’ll hit off #1 rescue or 3 metal? He said either of those or driver based on the wind conditions. I noticed Langer played here in 1981 on the European Ryder Cup team when he was a young lad. He was engaging, friendly and warm during our brief 4 holes together. I could certainly tell I was in the presence of greatness!! Her are a few more photos of Bernhard practicing.

setting up for his second shot on the first hole
practicing his chipping on #2
hitting a flopper

These pictures were taken by my 17 year old son, Nicholas Haag shown below with Mr. Langer who after 4 holes headed over to #10 to head back in. He left a ball on the 4th green that is now in the possession of my son Nicholas. He intends to get Bernhard to sign the ball and sell in on Ebay for a grand. Nothing away from Bernhard star power but I don’t even think a Tiger ball goes for a grand, maybe a picture of Tiger wearing a Hooters T-shirt, but not a signed golf ball.

Bernhard Langer & Nicholas Haag

A little more on Bernhard: Bernhard Langer (born 27 August 1957) is a German professional golfer. He is a two-time Masters champion, and was one of the world’s leading golfers throughout the 1980s and 90s, being the first official number one ranked player in 1986. After turning fifty, he became one of the most successful players on the Champions Tour.

This picture didn’t come out to well, as Bernhard and I just shook hands as he left us after 4 holes.

Bernhard Langer, his caddie Terry Holt and me (Randy Haag) behind them on the 4th green

These are a few more pictures taken today after Bernhard left us:

Randy Haag
4 iron lay up on the par 5 6th hole

After 4 days of practice and playing I must admit my body is sore and fatigued. I played nine holes and shut it down for the day. When fatigued I started hitting my irons and driver all over the place, which I hadn’t done in previous practice rounds. Rest is going to be key to getting back to hitting crisp shots. This course is wet and playing very long, and will be a tough challenge for all the players. Hitting these tight fairways will be the key to success tomorrow as the approach shots from the fairways will set up some good scoring opportunities. I tee off at 8am on Thursday, and 12:30 on Friday. With only three amateurs in the field, there is a tournament in a tournament between us three for low amateur honors (to be low amateur you must make the 36 hole cut) So step 1 is to make the cut, step 2 is to finish strong in the top 40. It won’t be easy and after today my confidence is not where it was after Sunday and Monday. But that’s golf, and each shot counts the same, so staying in the moment and concentrating on each individual shot will be key.

Holes 7-12 coming up next..stay tuned


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