2011 George L. Coleman Invitational – Final results

Mike McCoy  continues to play at a very high level and today won the Coleman at Seminole for the first time. Mike shot an impressive 70 to outlast Tim Jackson by 4 shots. Like Mike said in his acceptance speak, outlasting Tim Jackson is not easy to do, as this Walker Cupper has one of the most impressive amateur resumes in amateur golf history. John Engler had a tough day and shot 80 to finish 3rd at 220 +4. Kelly Miller and Stephen Anderson tied for 4th at 224 +8

On the Senior side Chip Lutz came all the way back from an opening round 80 to shoot the lowest round of the day a stellar 68 to end regulation tied with Rick Woulfe at 222 +6. In a three hole playoff Chip birdied  the final playoff hole #9 to win the senior side of the Coleman. Chip was the 2010 US Senior Player of the Year, and is off to a great start in 2011. This was probably the strongest field in Coleman history and was a very tough test as the scores reveal.

For me today was very similar to Fridays round with lost shots left and right from a variety of bunkers. I think my final stats revealed a 0-15 out of the greenside bunkers and 4-6 after leaving one in the bunker. It was fitting that on the 18th hole I’d find the greenside bunker and then chunk it further up in the bunker only to save bogey with a downhill slider. A very poor 77 left me 14 over par for 54 grueling holes. As I predicted I had a decent round of 72 on day one, followed by a horrendous 81 yesterday along with a closing double hockey sticks 77 for a whopping 230 total +14 (216 is even par). I guess the handicap system doesn’t apply to Seminole as a +4.4 handicap player typically isn’t going to average 9 shots a day over his handicap.

Just about every miss shot at Seminole is going to find a bunker, and if your down wind to the hole, you will most likely have a very tough up and in. The challenge of this course is immense, frustrating and borderline cruel. With the very slick greens and 20-30mph winds, you cannot have a mental lapse. Discussing the course today with my condo mate Craig Doell, we both marveled at the fine line between success and failure on this very tricky track. Each shot needs such precision to give you a chance, and each marginal shot will punish you from start to finish.

Why is my bunker play so poor…it’s quite simple, I don’t keep my body steady and level when I’m swinging in a bunker. I drop down to try to help the ball up in the air, resulting in a digging chunk. It’s NOT a good feeling to chunk bunker shot after bunker shot while hitting your irons poorly and finding so many of these menacing bunkers. I can’t wait to get back west out of the humid hot weather and back to a climate where I’m not rotating 9 gloves with my sweaty hands. The truth is, even at the Olympic Club’s famed Lake course, your missed shots to the greens will not ALL run into a bunker. The Open may be a different story as many of the sides will be shaved down to allow errant shots to run into the bunkers.

This great spot called Seminole has some of the best people in the business running their operation, starting with Bob Ford the head golf professional. Bob is simply one of the really great head pros in all of golf, and a great and accomplished player himself. I always seem to hit a decent tee shot off #1 in front of this very fine gentleman. Hal Hicks the SUPER (superintendent) gets this course on pristine shape for us and does a great job. Gwen Gordon does a great job as general manager while Liz Powell and head chief Mark Swanson provide some amazing cuisine during our week at Seminole. And finally the caddy master Rick Carlson provides close to 100 caddies for the players during the week of the Coleman. My fine caddy Mike was a first timer at Seminole and did an excellent job reading the greens and putting up with my errant shots. Today I told Mike he must be in good shape to rake all the sand holes I left for him. These great folks make this event well worth the trip all the way east to play in this fine Mid Amateur event. Barry Van Gerbig is the fine gentleman and Seminole member that has made this event possible for me to attend, I always enjoy Barry viewing the action from above the 2nd green where he can see approach shots into #2, the tee shots on #3 and the approach shots into #4. Thank you Barry for all you do to make this event so special for the players.

We the players are treated to some extra special treatment by Taylor Made during the practice rounds. When we first check in we receive a new pair of Adida adiPURE golf shoes, a dozen golf balls and a Polo Seminole golf shirt. In addition to that, any club needs are provided by Taylor Made straight from their trailer parked at the range where the experts are ready to build you any club you need (or think you need). Eddie Erkmanis and his staff are the best in the business and treat the Coleman participants like tour pros for the week. THANK YOU TAYLOR MADE you guys are very smart to get your equipment in these players hands! It amazing how many white colored drivers, 3 metals and rescues I saw in the players hands. This is such a great perk for these mid amatuer looking for the best technology available.

Despite the annual ass whooping I get at the Coleman every year, I ALWAYS look forward to coming back to see if maybe….just maybe this will be the year I have two decent rounds out of the three played.

STAY TUNED for a 2011 California State Amateur preview of the new and improved Lake course at the Olympic Club.

sorry the Mid-Amateurs and Senior scores are side by side with the Mid Am scores first and the senior scores next to the Mid AM scores

1 Mike McCoy 69-75-70–214 -2 1 Chip Lutz 80-74-68–222* 6
2 Tim Jackson 75-68-75–218 2 2 Rick Woulfe 79-71-72–222 6
3 John Engler 65-75-80–220 4 3 Frank Ford, III 73-77-74–224 8
4 Stephen Anderson 74-79-71–224 8 Bill Zylstra 72-77-75–224 8
Kelly Miller 73-74-77–224 8 5 Steve Earsley 74-79-72–225 9
6 Scott Harvey 78-76-72–226 10 Paul Simson 75-71-79–225 9
Skip Berkmeyer 77-75-74–226 10 7 George Zahringer 78-77-72–227 11
Roger Newsom 76-77-73–226 10 8 John Pallin 73-83-72–228 12
Eoghan O’Connell 72-79-75–226 10 Mike Bodney 75-77-76–228 12
Wesley Pate 73-77-76–226 10 Robert Vallis 75-76-77–228 12
Jon Veneziano 73-75-78–226 10 11 A.B. Sisco 78-77-74–229 13
12 R.J. Nakashian 75-78-74–227 11 Patrick Tallent 75-78-76–229 13
13 Christopher Reeves 76-79-73–228 12 13 Danny Yates 79-77-74–230 14
Bryan Norton 79-73-76–228 12 Greg Reynolds 76-76-78–230 14
Michael Barbosa 74-75-79–228 12 Bill Boles 77-74-79–230 14
Gene Elliott 76-74-78–228 12 16 Chris Lange 74-81-76–231 15
17 Gary Nicklaus 79-76-74–229 13 Bill Argabrite 77-76-78–231 15
John McClure 78-74-77–229 13 18 Hunter Nelson 76-81-75–232 16
Robert Gregorski 77-72-80–229 13 Brad Burris III 76-80-76–232 16
20 David Abell 77-78-75–230 14 Alan Fadel 76-77-79–232 16
Randy Haag 72-81-77–230 14 21 Mike Rice 77-80-76–233 17
22 Trip Kuehne 80-76-75–231 15 Steve Smyers 76-81-76–233 17
Grady Brame 77-77-77–231 15 23 Jerry Hudgins 79-79-76–234 18
Tim Hume 76-77-78–231 15 Chris Maletis 77-82-75–234 18
25 Jamie Neher 78-78-76–232 16 25 Norman Swenson 76-80-79–235 19
Tripp Davis 78-77-77–232 16 26 Randy Reifers 78-82-76–236 20
Kris Mikkelsen 77-75-80–232 16 Mike Bell 78-83-75–236 20
28 Bert Atkinson 82-77-74–233 17 Jarrett Kling 77-78-81–236 20
Steve Harwell 77-77-79–233 17 29 Robin McCool 79-81-77–237 21
30 Trent Brown 79-75-80–234 18 30 Gayle Sanchez 83-79-76–238 22
31 Stephen Summers 84-78-73–235 19 31 Tim Neher 80-80-79–239 23
Patrick Duffy 77-83-75–235 19 32 Ron Carter 79-82-80–241 25
33 Roger Hoit 75-83-78–236 20 Jack Vardaman 82-76-83–241 25
34 Craig Doell 74-82-82–238 22 34 David Brookreson 80-83-79–242 26
35 Steve White, Jr. 80-76-83–239 23 Bill Heldmar 81-82-79–242 26
36 Tommy Brennan 82-79-79–240 24 36 Jim Searle 79-81-83–243 27
37 Adrian Reed 80-84-77–241 25 37 Dan Hearon 81-82-82–245 29
38 Robert Gerwin II 77-80-85–242 26 38 James Smith 86-83-78–247 31
39 David Nelson 78-83-82–243 27 Charles Green III 83-84-80–247 31
40 Arnold Cutrell 85-82-77–244 28 Jim Graham 85-80-82–247 31
Dennis Kavelman 76-91-77–244 28 41 Joseph Keller 82-86-81–249 33
Pete Williams 80-81-83–244 28 Harcourt Kemp 83-82-84–249 33
43 Greg Rohlf 84-85-76–245 29 43 Vinny Giles 82-81-87–250 34
Mark Knecht 78-83-84–245 29
45 Justin Schulte 78-83-85–246 30
46 John Fulkerson 87-81-81–249 33
Nathaniel Crosby 86-81-82–249 33
48 John Pinkham 88-87–86–261 45
Bill Hadden III 88-93-WD WD
Tom Nolan 88-DQ DQ
* – Denotes Won In Playoff

Tee shot at 18th hole

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  1. Hi Randy; Great write-up on the Coleman & good playing despite some tough conditions. One thing that really helps to make my bunker shot impact more consistent is to focus on maintaining my address knee flex throughout the shot & keeping my weight left. Good luck & have a great summer–Greg

    • You are 100% correct Greg, I wasn’t keeping my weight left it got right trying to scoop the ball in the air. Like any shot in golf, if you fear it, then it owns you!

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