Here in hot, humid and sunny Juno beach getting ready for one of the best amateur events in the country, The Coleman at Seminole. After two days of 30+ mph winds and VERY fast greens, the next three days are going to be an extremely tough test for this great field of Mid Ams and Senior players (55+).

Quite honestly my two practice rounds did not go well at all. I found bunker after bunker (not my forte) and had a tough time with every aspect of the game, especially putting on these smooth, beautiful and very fast greens. The one big challenge with putting side-saddle is that when it blows, side saddle putting is extremely difficult as the wind moves me all over the place while trying to stay still while swinging the putter back and through.

We the competitors are very fortunate to be at such an amazing place like Seminole. The treatment here is hard to describe, from the professional staff, all the employees and the condition of this amazing course. With this said, tomorrows weather is going to make the task of surviving Seminole very difficult. There will be many balls putted of the greens, and well struck shots to the middle of the greens that will roll…..and roll and roll until the ball settles in a bunker (which there are about 180 of).

My strategy tomorrow will be to avoid the BIG score on any of the holes. Even the shorter par 4’s can create havoc if you hit a poor shot. This all of course is what makes the task and challenge so much fun!

My game has never been ideally suited for a course that challenges you the way Seminole does. Over the past 8 years I’ve played in this great event, I’ve never had two good rounds out of the three played in competition. Why is this…..? It’s because my bunker play is well below average, it seems every year I leave several bunker shots in the bunker (a wasted shot) and for some reason I lose a little bit of patience. Ideally my back would be feeling a little better and I would be approaching tomorrows 11:50 am tee time with a bit more confidence. But after a very tough two days, and wind expected to be 30+ tomorrow, I’m a little apprehensive about the start of the event.

I’m paired with my room mate and good friend David Nelson and the 1981 US AMATEUR CHAMP Nathaniel Crosby (also with back issues). Regardless of what we shoot, this is going to be a really fun group to play in, and I’m looking forward to catching up with Nathaniel (who is a member of Seminole and resides nearby).

I should have many good stories for tomorrows post, and scores of tomorrows serious test.


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