Alameda Commuters 36 Holes results

I’ve been away from the Alameda Commuters event for 7 years since being invited to participate in the Coleman at Seminole in Juno Beach Florida. Until this year these two events have been contested over the same weekend in late April, but this year the Commuters was moved up a week due to Easter being so late this year.

I must admit I was surprised how the course conditions changed from last Monday to Saturday.Kemper Golf did a great job getting the course in playable shape. With very narrow fairways and 2”-3” inch rough this was a serious test of patience and strategy. I unfortunately did have either patience or a good game plan coming into the event with the rough so high and penal. I think I counted 6 bogeys I made with a sand wedge into the greens.

The leader after 36 holes is Ricky Stockton with a pretty good total of 138  (-4) closely followed by Rick Reinsberg at 139. Typically this event will have a large group of players in the 130’s after two rounds, but with these conditions it’s no surprise the cut was a very high 150 (+8) for the 50+ ties that will give it another go next weekend.

What would I change or give to the Commuters as positive feedback- #1 The field is to big at approx 224 players, with 180 players we could play in groups of 3 and cut the rounds from over 5 hours to 4.5. The play was just two slow, understanding that looking for balls in the rough made it tough to play any quicker than we did. #2 I’m not sure why the middle of the fairway on #6 has 3″ inch rough?

This is a very well run event and draws a very competitive field. Next weekend should be quite a shoot out with the eventual winner probably spending less time in the rough than his competition.


Score below-

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