Okay we’ll start with my favorite topic for the next 6 weeks which is sugar. I have not touched sugar in 10 days now and I feel AWESOME!! I am not eating anything out of a can or box, and I love the food I’m eating. Today I had oatmeal with fresh berries with stevia, a grapefruit and a shot noni juice (which tastes terrible), I took a multi vitamin from Costco and a Super Fisol (Fish oil) a vitamin D , Calcium/magnesium. This vitamin mix comes from my mom who has been taking copious  notes while watching Dr. Oz and Dr. Becker the past 5 years. In ten days I’ve lost 5lbs and I have NO cravings and have my appetite under control. Where I need to improve is on my water intake, and portion control. For lunch I had a variety of nuts (Walnuts, Almonds and Pistachios) the bag lunch that was given to us on the course I took everything out of the sandwich and eat the meat wrapped in the lettuce.  Tonight I had some organic Chicken, homemade Lentil soup, beans and butternut squash. I AM FULL AND CONTENT. If your still reading this and don’t try this diet you DON’T know what your missing!! GET ON IT TODAY AND YOUR GAME WILL IMPROVE!!!

This past week we had perhaps the best Jan weather ever seen in the San Francisco Bay area. The pictures at the bottom of this post were taken on Wednesday during a round at the Olympic Club, 70 degrees when we tee off. This course is going to be VERY tough for the pros during the 2012 US OPEN!!

Today was the first round of the Wine Country Amateur at Stonetree GC. The diet and TPI are working for me, they’ll work for you too! MORE ON TPI AND THE NEW CHIPPING TECHNIQUE NEXT WEEK

Haag leads Wine Country Cup Staff view all articles from this source
published 29 Jan 2011

see also: 2011 Wine Country Cup and Randy Haag’s profile


Novato, CA (Jan. 29, 2011) — Almost since the beautifully challenging StoneTree Golf Club opened for play at the turn of the millennium, has been hosting an event there. And at most, if not all, of those events, Randy Haag has been in the mix. With four Wine Country Cup titles under his belt, and a two shot lead heading over Eric Grimberg the final round, after posting 2-under 70 in the first round, figure on Haag being tough to beat on Sunday.

One thing is for certain, he won’t be laying up. Our staff has watched first hand as the long, straight driving Haag has hoisted a tee ball over the hazard on No. 9, and one year the 2010 British Senior Open low am put the tournament to bed with a 260 yard 3-wood to the par-5 16th hole.

A host of top quality players like Eric Grimberg of Moraga (72), and Eric Ash of Loomis plus Kevin Kobalter of San Rafael (73), are in excellent position to catch Haag, especially if weather plays a factor. Kobalter, a Meadow Club member, has many winter rounds at StoneTree under his belt.


View from the 3rd tee at the Olympic clubs very difficult downhill par three
This view shows the practice green, below is the 8th green and below the 8th is the 7th green
Nick Ushijima prior to contact on #3
View up the 11th fairway on a bright and warm Jan day in SF




  1. I would like permission to use some of your Olympic Club photos on a US Open promotion page on our website.

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