For those of you that play competitive golf, you probably already know this….you get back what you put into your game. Most players are not practicing efficiently, others are. The theme of this post is to tell you what I do and why!

I once lost over twenty pounds by basically starving myself by doing Cardio and eating rabbit food. This was a very BAD way to lose weight as all I did was look hungry and weak. That was in 2000, since I’ve learned a lot about fitness, diet and what works best for my body. I was able to keep the weight off for about 7 years, then the 2007/2008 financial meltdown occurred and I found myself needing sugar in all forms, wine, cereal, ice cream, bad carbs, bad fats, etc…my weight ballooned from approx 180 to  200 LBS. I became lethargic, unable to workout as often and depression set in, sound familiar?

2010 was perhaps my best year ever in amateur golf, but it could have been significantly better!

In review it was really easy to see what the majors California State Am, NCGA Amateur, Crump Cup I made the quarter finals of these events and petered out because I was not in good shape and I lost my competitive EDGE. Yes I won 8 tournaments, but either they were two day events (mostly using a cart) or best ball events. SO should I be pleased with the year I had? Well I say major victories and a decent finish in the 2010 Senior British Open (I think I tied for 41st). So what am I going to do this year, READ ON and I’ll tell you what I believe are the secrets to success.

I’ll start by sharing with you what I did at the British Senior Open.  I shadowed Bernhard Langer for 12 hours starting at 6:30 am when he showed up for breakfast. He had a light protein breakfast of eggs and some fruit, headed off to the Physio trailer where he had his body stretched and worked on for 40 minutes (it looked painful). He then went to the putting green and hit putts for 40 minutes followed by 30 minutes hitting balls and 20 minutes in the chipping area. He then played a practice round, I followed in a group two back of him. When he finished I picked him up on the chipping green for 30 more minutes then back to the range for 30 min followed by another 40 MINUTES putting. I WAS EXHAUSTED at this point. He then went into the Physio room for another stretch and back rub. He was staying at the Carnoustie Hotel so I knew he’d be dining downstairs, which he did at 6:30.

I watched what he ordered, fish and veggies, NO bread, NO wine, just water. This was an amazing show of will power, or is it a way of life for Bernhard? I think it is…..he doesn’t have the crazy sugar cravings that most of us have because he doesn’t let himself go there. Oh by the way, he was on the 18th green getting the winners jug, he was very nice to me, and I’ll never forget what a driven and focused individual he is!! A week later he was holding the US Senior Open trophy as well! Amazing accomplishment, but again he put the work in and got the results.

SO if you have the guts to join me, launch the link below and try doing this diet for 6 weeks and watch your life change for ever!! Sugar is killing us and it’s hard to get away from it as almost everything is sweetened. If you knew how much sugar was in Vitamin water, you’d never drink it (more than a Coke). The sugar is why this country is Obese, and our kids are projected to live shorter lives than us.

SO how does this relate to your golf? Its simple, all the sugar you are putting in your body is negatively affecting your performance. The lack of Hydration is affecting you game and the lack of proper physical fitness specifically for golf is hurting you as well. SO as of yesterday I joined the Olympic Club NO SUGAR 6 week challenge, and you should as well. I am going a step beyond and eliminating Carbs as well. I believe that in six weeks I’ll be twenty pounds lighter and my body fat content will decrease by 30-40%. I’ll feel better, my back won’t hurt as much and I won’t get physically and mentally fatigued during my rounds of golf, especially when it counts most.

THE NEXT STEP is get a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) program to improve on your fitness, range of motion with specific exercises that  will benefit you most. If you want to learn more about TPI email a certified TPI instructor Terry Rowles and if your not in the SF Bay he can refer someone to you. Terry’s email is

Forget about a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, those are meant to be broken, do this for your health and golf game. In six weeks you will see amazing results.

This BLOG is dedicated to help you and hopefully provide some entertainment value as I give you my unedited ideas that I enjoy sharing with you. If you see value in these blog posts, let me know by providing a comment and I will always answer back.

CHECK THIS OUT- cut and paste this link into your internet browser

I weighed in at 200lbs (205 with clothes) I’ll be giving you my stats as the weight starts falling off me. I love the new foods I now eat, but will miss the wine!!

Cheers and good luck!!



  1. I can’t find the diet on the above link. I really do enjoy your blog.

  2. Randy – Long time since we spoke last – I just found your blog and really like what you are doing here. I will check out the diet also- I am not in need of loosing any real weight but just want to get healthier and this sounds like a way to do it right. I can actually break 90 from time to time now when I play !

    Be well and email me when you have a minute please.

    Best regards- Rob Budnik

  3. Hi Randy –

    Great topic. Would be curious to know what you eat before and during a competitive round for lasting energy. Also, I’ve spoken at length with Terry about eliminating all grains from one’s diet and that fat and cholesterol are not as bad as conventional wisdom is leading us to believe. The most nutritious part of an egg is the yolk – eat it! Your thoughts?

    Keep up the good work, both here and on the course!


    • Very good question Ford
      The energy I’m looking for is not a quick spike in energy that I may get from High Fructose or Sugar, but I’ll chose natural sugar in fruit like a banana or apple over a power bar. I try to eat sustainable foods that will provide me sufficient energy throughout the day like whole grain oatmeal and protein. I like taking nuts and raisins in my bag to keep me going during a round. What most people miss is that you are getting dehydrated while you play and you need water more than sugar. I feel most late round collapse are due to lack of Hydration not lack of sugar.

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    Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

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