I’ve never really paid a lot of attention to the World/National/State rankings until recently. I have always been more interested in the Northern California Golf Association Point System found at

There is a tremendous amt of work associated with following results and weighting amateur events into a relevant world ranking and the three sites below are the only three I know of that attempt to rank the amateurs.

The GolfWeek Players Ranking covers the World, US and the various regions and states. The amt of work required is a massive undertaking and I believe they do a great job!

The Scratch Players World Amateur Ranking is perhaps the most comprehensive ranking from the standpoint of the number of events covered including college events that are counted in the ranking. Because the Scratch Players World Ranking counts local and State events someone like me that plays more local events will have a better chance at getting some points. Currently I’m ranked 166 in the World on the Scratch Players Ranking and 455 in the GolfWeek ranking which uses more National events, but doesn’t use college events.

In the R&A WAGR Rankings I’m currently 359th in the world and I can’t really tell you what criterion they use in their ranking. I do know that they do have some sort of qualifying criteria that can make it tough to even show up on their radar.

I’m not attempting to rank these services, but to create some awareness for them especially the GolfWeek and Scratch Players rankings that consider literally every amateur event played in the world.

It would seem logical that the USGA would use these ranking services to provide well deserved exemptions for some of their Championships which I believe is currently a hot topic. From my view from 5,000 miles away, I would say that the USGA has tremendous tradition involved with whom receives exemptions into these major championships.

Over time I hope that the USGA will change this policy and consider using these quality ranking services to allow the tournament tested amateurs into their events without the risk of an 18 or 36 hole qualifier. I would love to hear what you think about this?

But in the meantime keep and eye on these quality ranking services and GIVE THEM FEEDBACK on anything you feel they should be considering. I know that more and more Invitational events are using these services to invite or exempt players into their events.




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