Kansas and Georgia are currently tied at -3 or 281 and are 5 shots ahead of 4 other teams currently. The great State of California has not fared as well and is 8 shots back and will need a great charge on Thursday to get into the hunt.

Harry Rudolph had a nice round of 70 while Jeff Wilson and Randy Haag struggled with 75 & 76 respectively. I’ve played this course maybe 50 times and it has never played nearly this tough with high rough around the green and very tough pin positions.

My rounds have been filled with mistakes and poor decisions as I’ve made 5 double bogeys on the back nine alone. The key to Mayacama right now is to NOT go hunting for these pins, many that are 3 paces from the sides of the green. Shoot at the pin and short side yourself and a bogey or more awaits you.

Despite the mediocre play I’m still having a blast representing California in this fantastic event, and we will rally hard tomorrow STAY TUNED

Live scoring link below


  1. Randy : as we say in Scotland, ‘keep a calm sooch’
    believe in yourself and never say die. Your a better player than that, and it may be the other teams turn to have a few disasters next. Dig in ! Things can change just as quick.

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