There are days when you know you’ll need to gut out a round of golf and today at Pine Valley was such a day. I cannot remember the course ever playing tougher as this field of top mid amateurs probably averaged close to 80 on this breezy blustery day. But there was one player, Mr. Mike McCoy that was able to fire an impressive even par 70.

The wind was constantly changing direction and intensity making it impossible to select the proper club. The next challenge was putting in the wind on these fast and undulating greens. It’s hard to imagine that there are 6 holes under 400 yards on this 7057 yard par 70 gem. Each of these par 4 holes can create problems from the tee shot all the way to the final putt.

With everyone gunning to secure a spot in match play after tomorrow’s 2nd round, there should be some serious grinding tomorrow as the winds are expected to subside. The Mid Am’s qualify into three flights of 16 players, while the Seniors (over 55) qualify into three flights of 8. Each division has a Championship flight of 16 and 8 that play for the Crump title.

In the Mid Am division the top 16 scores and ties where as follows:

Michael McCoy   70

Michael Muehr   71

Dan Horner        72

William McGuinness  72

Craig Nichols               72

Scott Rowe                 72

Stephen Summers     73

Michael Barbosa       74

James Donnelly IV   74

Joe Sanders                 74

Randy Haag                 75

Bill Jeremiah              75

Dennis Kavelman      75

Steve Slayden            75

Gary Durbin               76

Jordan Nasser          76

Seth Sargent             76


John Daniel       74

Allan Small       74

Steve Smyers    74

Jack Vardaman  74

David Brookerson 75

Martin West         75

Marvin Giles       76

Jerry Greenbaum  76

The tee shot on this 636 yard par 5 is crucial to get into the fairway or a chip out will be your 2nd shot leaving you over 265 from the back of the waste bunker called "Hells Half Acre". This is a tough par 5!!
This 326 yard par four 8th hole is no easy pickins, my last two scores on this hole from the fairway have been 8, 6 no more explanation needed. This tiny green has two small levels that will test your wedge game
another shot of the 8th green
The 9th hole is another tough par 4 at 458 yards long with a steep uphill second shot to a undulating green
There are many tiny bunkers at Pine Valley waiting for that errant shot. This one shown here is barely big enough to stand in
This tough 161 yard par three has a steep slope from back to front and from left to right. The ideal shot is played below the hole
here Stan Morrison is in the bunker on the tenth hole referred as "The Devils Asshole" this bunker is perhaps the deepest narrowest bunker I've ever seen (including the road hole bunker)
This 397 yard uphill par 4 is fairly generous off the tee, but can create issues if your tee ball is played to far to the left. The second shot is uphill to another steeply sloping green from back to front
The 12th hole is a 337 yard dogleg left with a fairly generous fairway. Although the second shot will be from under 100 yards, it's difficult to get a ball close to the hole with the firmness of the humps on this green that slopes from front to back
This 486 yard par 4 is one of my favorite holes I've played anywhere. The picture shown here is from about 180 yards from the green. Left of the green is a steep drop off that must be avoided. The green has significant undulation and is 44 yards long
This downhill par three 14th hole can play as long as 220 yards over water with trouble both left and right of the green. The wind is the critical factor in judging the distance properly. This is a spectacular par three!!
This is the view from the 15th tee at Pine Valley a 615 yard uphill par 5 with a tee shot over the water shown. This again is one of the best par 5's in the world with a green that has a 30 - 40 foot false front that must be avoided.
View across the lake from the 15th tee over to the 16th green
View from the 15th fairway looking back across the Lake to the 15th tee
This is a shot uphill to the 15th green that has several issues to deal with the false front, and the green slopes from back to front and severely from left to right. This shot plays 1/2 a club uphill where short is NO GOOD
The 16th hole is a downhill 475 yard par 4 that requires a 258 yard carry over a waste bunker that needs to be avoided. The photo from about 180 yards out shows how wide this green is with the water guarding the right side. Great par 4!!
It looks like I skipped the 17th hole a par 4 uphill 345 yard par 4- this shot is from the tee on 18 that measures 483 from the back tee. The fairway is a 240 yard carry over a waste area that is easily carried unless the tee shot is into a strong wind.
This is the awesome view of the second shot into the 18th hole at Pine Valley. This really wide green slopes hard from left to right and from front to middle and back to middle. This is a great finishing hole!



  1. Hey Randy, great job on the site. Yea, that first day of the Crump Cup was brutal. Keep up the good work. See you soon.


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