Posted by: randyhaaggolf | August 26, 2010


After a day where all the “Mid Ams” got knocked off, it’s back to a young mans event. The 2nd and 3rd round of match play is off and running.

Follow along with live scoring at:

I won’t be at the course today but will be providing comments on the guys I know that are still alive and playing well!

Stay Tuned-

Up next US  Mid Am qualifier, Crump Cup and the USGA Mens State team event at the awesome Mayacama-


  1. skip berkmeyer advanced….he is a mid am.

    • You are correct, and he won a match!!

  2. Not all the mid ams lost…Skip Berkmeyer won but is 4 down now to Chung. Another St Louisan was Scott Langley who took down Mid AM stand out Tim Jackson.. What did you think of the course? I read they toned it down for the match play because it was a bear in the stroke play… Nice playing over at Carnoustie for the silver medal.. My friend Trevor Dodds (from STL) came in 7th at level par..

    • Thanks Michael for your comment.

      Skip did a great job in the Am by winning a natch before losing to Chung. The experience at Carnoustie was perhaps the greatest of my golfing life and one I’ll always remember. I hope to play even better next yr at Walton Heath!!

      Thanks again,


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