Putting made simple the SIDE SADDLE WAY

If  you want to putt better, you MUST consider this amazing way to push your ball down the line as if  you were pitching a penny or Bowling.  Putting is arguably the toughest part of the game and many struggle to make their “fair share” of putts. Look at the video below for a preview of this unique style.

Since I started putting side saddle in 1997 I’ve over 60 amateur tournament primarily due to being able to make PUTTS!!

More to come on this later!!

4 Comments on “Putting made simple the SIDE SADDLE WAY

  1. About time you posted these for the masses. Let’s see a longer video.

  2. Thanks Randy…
    Your continued success with sidesaddle has been a huge help in my ongoing struggle to convince golfers of the… what should be obvious… effectiveness of it.

    I am 74 years old and began putting croquet style in the 50’s. After Sam managed to get it banned, I was at first devastated but soon realized that after Sam managed to overcome it with the sidesaddle method, he actually made a huge improvement over croquet. Intuitively rolling a ball underhand from the side with one hand is certainly more natural than with two hands between the legs.
    But then i’m preaching to the choir here.

    I don’t think any of us sidesaddlers would revert back to croquet if it were to be allowed again.
    Over the nearly 17 years since I first published my web site, I have compiled a wealth of information regarding every aspect of putting while facing the target.
    Please feel free to peruse http://puttmagic.com
    and use anything you might find helpful for your blog.
    One of your keenest fans and follower,
    Karl Higham
    ~the Putt Guru
    PS: Say hello to Mike Baty if you still see him and let me know if he’s planning to do anything with Champoins tour. And what about you… ?

    • Hi Karl,

      Thank you so very much for reaching out and commenting on the blog!!

      I will be covering a lot more on the side saddle putting in the coming months and years!!

      If you feel this blog is worthy of sharing with your friends and family, please do so as I’m trying to create a community that will provide insight into the content i’m posting. I’ll keep an eye on your website and I love the puttmagic name for sure!!

      All the best Karl!

  3. Hi Randy,
    Just made the switch to side saddle putting. I was hoping you could maybe post more regarding your putting… When and why you made the switch, improvements because of the switch, your keys regarding your stroke, setup, etc. It would be really helpful for those considering switching and for those who have made the switch. Enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work and play!

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