Yesterday was a thrilling day of highs and lows that produced a qualifying score of 71 (even par) to advance to the Senior Open played this year at Carnoustie Golf Links. With heavy rain and wind I was never completely in control of my round and I knew I was always one loose shot from trouble. I had predicted that 71 would qualify on this tricky and wonderful links course in Monifieth Scotland.

For those of you that have never played Carnoustie (coined CarNasty) it is perhaps the toughest course I’ve ever played. Second would be Oakmont in the 2003 US Amateur. I am very much looking forward to this challenge and will try to provide insight and photos of this amazing course. Stay tuned I should have daily updates, and if you feel this

Getting ready to tee it up in the British Senior Open Qualifier at Monifieth GC a few miles from Carnoustie
Getting it done with the side saddle putting
The 1st tee shot at Monifieth Golf Course where 11 players adavnced to the Senior Open Championship
My travel companion Mike Staskus who fought hard in the wind and rain
tee shot on #2 at Monifieth
My wet Oly Club Gloves after the round, WE GOT DRENCHED
getting ready for my short second shot into the first hole
Getting it done with the side saddle putting
Me and my good caddie Andy Masters
This bird just sat on the tenth tee in the rain chirping away


  1. Randy:

    You are every bit as good as any of the other players in this event. It is your destiny to be there. And how could the weather or condition of the course be any more difficult or frustrating than the way Harding Park used to be in February. Just stay confident. And if you need more, here is a quote from the poet/philosopher Virgil…
    “They are able, who think they are able.”
    Good Luck,
    Scott Anderson

  2. NBF, Fabulous accomplishment! Best wishes for the rest of the week….

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