TPI certified Terry Rowles shows us two great golf exercises

Our golf swings are the product of our physical limitations. I watched Terry give a physical assessment to an aspiring profession Ryan Thomas yesterday. It was remarkable how Terry was able to assess Ryan’s swing before ever seeing him actually swing a club.

I attribute my success in2010 and the  4 tournament victories to the program that Terry has worked out for me. I only mention this too you because at age 51 I am still able to compete at a high level against the best college players because I actually do these exercises.

There is no short cut to success in this competitive game and if you aren’t doing the things to make you physically stronger, you will never reach your full potential. If you have the putting yips try face on putting, if you hit the ball 250 and need more length off the tee get a TPI assessment and increase your club head speed.

Next up the British Senior Open Qualifier at Monifieth GC on Monday July 19th. There will be 102 players vying for 7-8 spots in the Open at Carnoustie starting on July 22nd. Pictures and video will be attempted while I’m across the pond- STAY TUNED AND TELL A FRIEND!

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