Posted by: randyhaaggolf | June 14, 2010


Below are some photos and videos I shot during my round with Rhys Davies (#45 in the world)  and Gareth Maybin (#122 in the world)  this past weekend at Olympic.  Both these guys have never been to California before, and thought a visit to Olympic before the Open at Pebble would be a great warm up. Our round together revealed many things to me personally that I think will help me in the future. Rhys has a pre-shot routine that never changes, he takes one full practice swing, gets locked onto his target and pulls the trigger. I can assure you the college kids I’ve been playing with take about twice the amount of time to get to the point where they swing the club. His time never varies, about 20 seconds and the ball is in the air. Notice the same routine they both use during their pre-shot, it never changes and they don’t take a long time figgiting about!

Both these guys have amazing short games that constantly are working on. After the round Rhys turned down the beer offer and asked if we could go to our Poeana green by the cliffs course for some work on his putting. We practiced putting from 6pm-7:45pm putting (my back was killing me as that’s a months worth of practice). Until he made 20 8ft breakers from both sides he continued to work on his stroke. In a later post I’ll have video of perhaps the best stroke I’ve ever seen in my life.

Both Rhys and Gareth were great gentlemen and a pleasure to spend the day with. Don’t be surprised if you see Rhys holding the trophy come Sunday. All of you in US Open pools will be thanking me for this pick as Rhys is locked in right now and playing perhaps the best golf in the world after his back to back 2nd place finishes on the European tour. I’ll have more on our day and the putting video coming soon!

Stay tuned!!

Reiner, Simon, Rhys, Randy & Gareth

Rhys coming down


  1. Great stuff. Love being able to stop the video at points in the swing. Your blog is a hidden gem, Randy.

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