Santa Clara County Amateur at San Jose CC- First rd results

The 2010 event is off and running with some pretty good scoring on a course that didn’t play all that easy. Ever since I started playing in this event some 20 years ago the theme has never changed, KEEP THE BALL BELOW THE HOLE. The trick is also to make sure you don’t have 3-5 foot comeback putts that are downhill.

The field is stacked with great college and veteran players, and with 36 holes tomorrow, there are 20+ guys that could still win the event. Having actually lost this event on the 54th hole 3 times in the past, I can only advise those in the hunt come the final 9 holes to remain PATIENT!!

For some reason the last 9 holes play very tough after having already played 27 holes, it seems the greens get firmer and faster as the day progresses. This event is deep in history with some famous names on the trophy!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more photos and the final results

Click to access 2010SaturdaychampResults.pdf

Name Saturday Score Sunday Time
Lamb, Richard 66 8:14 AM
Stallworth, Stephan 66 8:14 AM
Cohn, Matt 67 8:14 AM
Ellis, Chris 68 8:06 AM
Haag, Randy 68 8:06 AM
Machi, Anthony 69 8:06 AM
Wyllie, Mark 69 7:58 AM
Briones, Carlos 70 7:58 AM
Lamb, Scott 70 7:58 AM
Myers, Jay 70 7:50 AM
Hovan, Matthew 71 7:50 AM
Travis, Taylor 72 7:50 AM
Allard, Luke 73 7:42 AM
Barrera, Anthony 73 7:42 AM
Etow, Sean 73 7:42 AM
Jensen,Chris 73 7:34 AM
Lyons, Jeff 73 7:34 AM
McCarthy, Joey 73 7:34 AM
Castles, Johnny 74 7:26 AM
Fondiller, Matt 74 7:26 AM
Hay, James 74 7:26 AM
Ostermann, Neil 74 7:18 AM
Butkys, Kris 75 7:18 AM
Kelly, Joe 75 7:18 AM
Reyes, Edward 75 7:10 AM
Skjonsby, Andrew 75 7:10 AM
Cheung, Alvin 76 7:10 AM
Conceicao, Al 76 7:02 AM
Crociata, Eric 76 7:02 AM
Ledzinski, Jerry 76 7:02 AM
Miller, Rob 76 6:54 AM
Noto, Kevin 76 6:54 AM
Tran, Edison 76 6:54 AM
Velton, Allen 76 6:46 AM
Argo, Steve 77 6:46 AM
Haenel, Michael 77 6:46 AM
Sako, Nick 77 6:38 AM
Sayer, Travis 77 6:38 AM
Williams, Matt 77 6:30 AM
Anderson, Matt 78 6:30 AM
Duffy, Steve 78 6:21 AM
McClintock, Wayne 78 6:21 AM

2nd hole at San Jose CC uphill 312 yard par 4
view from the 3rd tee to this challenging 174 yd par 3 hole
view from the 4th tee looking down at the lower portion of the course
view from the back of the 15th green the most undulated green on the course

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  1. Randy: As a fellow face-on putter, I would love to compare notes with you and watch you putt. Does “other” have a website? I was using a reverse-shafted putter from, but didn’t like the weighting and found I was pulling putts. Did you have trouble with alignment when putting conventionally; right eye dominant?As an member, please enter me in the “round at Olympic with Randy and Pete” sweepstakes. Playing between 9-11 h’cap. Won Pete’s net division at The Golf Club in Fallbrook. Good luck in future events. I’ll catch up with you one day.

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