The Preserve – holes 7-10

The downhill par 4 seventh hole is another hole you feel is a birdie chance, but don’t let your guard down on this short hole that has plenty of trouble to make you pay for a slightly missed shot. A typical mistake I’ve seen is players trying to hit their tee shot over the big oak tree on the left side of the hill. The only problem is if you go left of the tree deep grass and a possible lost ball await you. Once you’ve found the fairway, don’t get complacent on this short shot into this tricky green. A front left pin can cause problems with balls spinning off the false front or going deep and making two putts a challenge. The back right pin has always caused me trouble as you really don’t want to aim so close to the steep edge of the green, but a shot to the middle of the green leaves a very difficult up then slightly downhill putt. I am never unhappy walking off this hole with a par 4 with the 8th hole up next.

2nd shot into this tricky 7th green
Tee shot on #7

The tee shot on #8 is the key to success on this hole and will usually set you up for a rescue or less for your second into this very nice par 5. The tee shot is usually missed right into the heavy rough making this a 3 shot hole. A better line is at the bunker in the distance with a slight cut to properly maximize the roll from a left to right sloping fairway. The second shot must be kept slightly left as the huge false front covering the right side will tale any shot short and run it hard right and down the hill, leaving a tricky pitch back to the green. Especially a right pin should steer a players shot to the left side to ensure a birdie 4 on this hole. At times a shot that lands on this green will not hold and will bound over the green into deep rough. The green is again very tricky, but does have some fairly flat spots. Play smart here, make a 4 and move onto #9.

Par 5 8th hole at the Preserve is a great chance at a birdie 4
Tee shot on #8

The ninth hole is a challenging and beautiful hole. The tee shot is soars against a mountain backdrop that makes this tee shot quite enjoyable. The well placed fairway bunker on the left is to be avoided as well as the hazard that guards the right side. After a solid tee shot you should have a short to mid iron into this very interesting green that slopes from back to front and has slope from both sides of the green towards the middle. A solid 4 here sets you up for the beautiful finishing nine.

Tee shot on #9
2nd shot into the 9th hole

The back nine at the Preserve is perhaps one of the most beautiful nine holes I’ve seen anywhere in the world. This unspoiled and natural preserve will meander through a valley before heading back uphill for the closing 4 holes. You will most likely see many species of wildlife as you head down the home stretch.

The tenth hole usually into a breeze, is another tough sub 400 yard par 4. The tee shot is usually best aimed at the tree beyond the left center of the fairway. A shot missed slightly left or right is still fine, a badly missed tee shot will usually need to be re-played from the tee. The bigger challenge is going to be the second shot to this triple side-sloped green. Over the years I’ve seen many well struck shots the the middle 3rd of the green that ended 30 yards down the fairway. The pin position is going to dictate where you’ll want to position your second shot. A second poorly placed on the wrong section of this green will most likely result in a 3 putt green. The uphill into the wind second shot is usually under-clubbed as I’ve seen about a 100 shots short of this green and perhaps one go long. If you do hit the properly placed 2nd shot this truly will be a birdie chance, but in any case take a par 4 here and head to #11.

Tee shot on #11 with the oak on the left center as your target
uphill 2nd shot to #10

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