The tenth hole at Seminole is not a breather hole as a well placed tee shot avoiding the bunker right and the water left will usually leave a short shot over water to green sloped from back to front. To much spin here will start the heart racing with the water in play for balls that have not been properly placed on this tricky green

2nd shot over water to #10
tee shot on #10
view looking back down #10 fairway

The 11th hole again requires an accurate tee shot to this predominantly downwind hole. The second shot is uphill to a blind green that again slopes from the middle of the green to the front and then off and down the fairway for shot left short.

steep uphill shot to the #11th green
tee shot on #11 with bunkers guarding both the

view back down the 11th fairway from the green

right and left sides of the fairway

Tee shot below on this tricky #12 hole.  The second shot into the #12 hole is usually into a stiff breeze and can play as much as 3-4 clubs more into the wind. The green again is very undulated and a shot near the sides of the green will roll of the sides into one of the hungry bunkers that surround this green. Once putting you’ll again be challenged with a very fast and green that has wind break when the fan is on!!

2nd shot into the small green on #12 at Seminole
tee shot on this tricky short hole #12
view back towards the tee from behind the 12th green

The 13th hole at Seminole is one of the best par three holes in the world. The shot may not be a long one, but when the wind blows this can be as hard a par 3 as any in the world. You are faced with a steep uphill shot to a green that is guarded on every side by deep bunkers. Even if you a re successful getting your tee shot on the putting surface, you can be left with a downhill or sidehill putt that is VERY difficult to two putt. Take a 3 here and run happily to the 14th tee box

tee shot on this tough par three 13th hole
view back towards the tee box from behind the 13th green

The 14th hole is usually downwind making this an almost must birdie hole and one that I saw Trip Kuehne once hit a sand wedge to this green after a 450 yard tee shot (slightly downwind). The shot to the green is big challenge as the green is on top of a small hill leaving a relatively small target to negotiate. The green is perhaps the steepest sloping green on the course from back to front. Even a 2nd shot that stays on the surface is not guaranteed birdie on this great hole

Tee shot on #14
view out to the Atlantic ocean from the 14th tee box which extends to the back of the beach
another view from #14 tee box
and again
from behind 14th green looking back at the fairway
2nd shot to #14

The 15th hole is again another birdie chance with these back to back par five holes. The tee shot here allows a player a chance to take an aggressive line to the right or a safer line to the left where the chance of ending up in a fairway bunker are quite high. The second shot is usually into a stiff breeze, and requires a very solid shot to reach this green in two shots. Again you are treated to another very difficult green to putt especially when the wind is charging at you.

tee shot over water on #15
2nd shot on 15

The next three holes at Seminole would be equivalent to amen corner at Augusta National. These three finishing holes can completely derail your round, and leave you in utter shock as to how you could play these holes so foolishly. The amazing thing is we all think that, so I’m not sure we really do play these holes foolishly…they are just HARD holes, especially with any kind of significant wind blowing. The 16th hole tempts the player to perhaps hit too much club off the tee (I have seen very few well placed drivers on this hole) a three metal is my club of choice, which usually leaves me approx 150 into another raised green with a severe false front on three sides of the green. You just need to make sure you hit a smart and somewhat safe shot into this green to give yourself a chance at a par. The second shot can play as much as 4 clubs more than what the yardage would normally call for. I see more short shots to this green than I do to the middle or back of the green. Once on the green your work is hardly done as I’ve seen 4 and 5 putts on this green without necessarily seeing a poor putt…what a hole!!

tee shot off the 16th hole
view from behind 16 green
tough 2nd shot into the 16th green

Below is the tough tee shot to #17 this green is very difficult to hold, especially with the wind blowing hard left to right.

tee shot to the par three 17th hole

The 18th hole at Seminole has provided some of the greatest disasters I’ve ever heard in amateur golf history. Many leaders of the Coleman have putted the ball off this incredible green and into the bunker or off the green and 60 yards down the fairway. The second shot into this green has the appearance of an oasis that seems unrealistic to reach. Even with wedge or sand wedge into this green you MUST hit a shot on the proper line with the proper distance or disaster awaits you!!

although it was fun taking these photos, they really don’t do this incredible golf course justice. You cannot get the proper depth and undulation that these green challenge each player so thoroughly. If you ever get a chance to play Seminole I believe you will really enjoy the beauty and incredible  condition of this world ranked course.

Stay tuned for pictures and comments on The Preserve coming next!

tee shot on this tough finishing hole
view of the beach from the 18th tee box
2nd shot into #18
View from the green looking back down the fairway

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