Pine Valley Golf Club hole #1 – perhaps the best strating hole in Golf!!

The beginning holes at Pine Valley can either make or break your day. The first 5 holes must be played with extreme precision and skill, which all starts on #1. The first hole requires a tee shot that can be played safer left center leaving a longish 2nd shot of 190-160 yards or you can challenge the right center that brings into play a large bunker short tight and a row of trees that guard the right side of the hole. Jack Nicklaus calls the 2nd shot at #8 at this years US OPEN site Pebble Beach the greatest 2nd shot in golf, I would call the second shot at #1 Pine Valley as the greatest second shot on a parkland course. The challenge is the green is shaped like a triangle and gets extremely narrow towards the back of the green. The green falls of 8-10 feet on either side leaving an up and in for a par next to impossible. I’ve posted pictures of #1 which is 421 yards from the black tees and 399 from the regular tees.

Tee shot at #1 over waste bunkers to a generous fairway if you don't challenge the right side
Another view of #1 tee shot
View back towards the tee from the ideal tee shot location
view from ideal tee shot location towards the green
100 yards from #1 green
view towards the green
view of #1 green
View back towards the fairway showing the sharp dogleg
view of the green from the back of #1

This is how I played #1 it was quite a venture…one I hope I’ll never repeat again. I’ve let my friend Chris who witnessed each shot describe it to you below:

I think you need to write blog about your par on the 1st hole from the maintenance shed. Maybe I should tell it. The tee shot was off the planet right maybe 60 yards off the fairway. Randy was down by the maintenance shed. Basically had no shot in any direction, he was on a road and had forests of tall pines in all directions. Took out his 54 degree wedge saw some kind of gap in the trees. Hit the ball maybe 120 feet straight up in the air over the pines in to the fairway. Than pitched up from about 65 yards and had a down hill breaker from about 9 feet. The putt dropped and it was one of the most amazing Par, I ever saw on that hole.

More Pine Valley holes and round 1 of the Coleman at Seminole tomorrow evening!!

Stay tuned


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