Whisper Rock National Invitational Results – Round #1

For those of you that haven’t experienced the “hang’ at the Rock, its second to none!

From the time you arrive at the drop off zone you are treated to a level of service that I’ve yet to experience.   Owners Gregg Tryhus and Jim Strickland are responsible for this incredible experience.  The service, food, facilities, range, courses, and short game areas are why over 40 PGA tour professionals call the “Rock” their home.   They are the best in each category I’ve seen anywhere!!

Partner Paul Balatti and I had the pleasure of playing our first round with Bill Boockford and David Lind.  Both of these guys can really play (David played on the PGA tour), but better yet they had an old friend follow along from #9 through dinner.  This friend is past PGA tour player Joe Porter, and all I can tell you about this fine gentleman as he has some of the most amazing golf stories I’ve ever heard.  Playing in his first PGA tour event as a pro he was paired with the “Bear” himself.  I loved the passionate way in which Joe talked about the players he had played this great game with.  Again, I keep saying it over and over, this is why I love the game!!  The people you meet and places you can travel to play this great game really make it special!

The upper course was in amazing shape and partner Balatti and I shot a smooth 67 to tie for the lead. Today we play the awesome lower course and hope to continue our good play.  I’ve got the results and pictures below, and I hope you’ll follow along as we continue to enjoy this magical place called Whisper Rock in Scottsdale AZ!



7,203 Yards

1 Blacketer, Jeb Johnson, Cooper 65
2 Kavelman, Dennis Quinn, Dan 67
3 Cuff Jr, Ed Rowley, Michael 68
4 Bendetti, Joe Strickland, Jim 69
Kreps, Brian Marsico, Jonathan 69
6 Arvidson, Anthony Vickers, Warren 70
Barsotti, Todd Wilson, Jeff 70
Grier, Steven Holmes, Chance 70
Haden, Taylor Hayes, Ben 70
10 Carlson, Chris Ledzinski, Jerry 71
Couch, Geoff Donovan, Darryl 71
Fuhr, Grant Roenick, Jeremy 71
Hutcheson, Bill Palladino, Vince 71
Mitchell, Ryan Sanders, Joe 71
15 Belden, Dan McIver, Rob 72
Burke, Billy Fisk, Corey 72
Carpenter, Michael Kavanaugh, Charles 72
Fujimoto, Jeff Irwin, Steve 72
Hillman, Joe Kinsel, Keith 72
Kelly, Dave Shaw, Brad 72
21 Andrisen, Brooks Krystyn, Tom 73
Chang, Jerry Murray, Palmer 73
Chesley, Steve Daffer, Tony 73
Di Carlo, Nat Middaugh, Eoin 73
Helling, Rick Praus, Jeff 73
Jennings, Dan O’Malley, Sean 73
Morley, Earl Schaeffer, Bobby 73
Tennyson, Brian Walsworth Jr., Don 73
29 Almquist, Scott Franey, David 74
Herrick, Tom Kloenne, Michael 74
31 DeLeone, Bob Everson, Phil 75
Lyons, Lenny Volpenhein, Jim 75
Occhipinti, Chris Tolliver, Billy Joe 75
Straub, Clayton Weaver, Craig 75



6,921 Yards

1 Balatti, Paul Haag, Randy 67
Bevers, Jerry Sullivan, Pat 67
3 Atkinson, Bert Fred, Stuart 68
Newton, Jeff Parsons, Chuck 68
5 Forey, Sean Hotchkiss, Jim 69
Kelley, George Nelson, David 69
7 Olive, John Sollenberger, Mark 70
Petit, Rich Staskus, Mike 70
9 Boockford, Bill Lind, David 71
Emich, Fred Saivar, Jim 71
Franz, Mark Post, Charlie 71
Jackson, Bill Ruffin, Rick 71
Lyons, Eddie McBee, Billy 71
14 Berg, Alan Herson, Selwyn 72
Bracken, John Ocker, Ronny 72
Cochran, Kevin Proctor, Terry 72
Dutton, Scott Hogan, Mike 72
18 Hakes, Steven Hays, Jim 73
Karper, Philip McGee, Mac 73
Rule, Jack Smazal, Stan 73
21 Antoniou, Vance Mayer, Gerry 74
Burns, Ron Harrington, Bob 74
Goode, John McDonald, Robert 74
Heldmar, Bill Muller, Eric 74
25 Clement, Dave Pumphrey, Jay 75
Cooke, Don Lefferdink, Van 75
Cox, Fred Wear, Charlie 75
Knoll, Jim Luther, Dan 75
Morgan, Mike Tadlock, Randy 75
30 Barnes, Doc Maxey, Vic 76
Legere, Jacques Postillion, Victor 76
Merrill, Scott Moore, Mike 76

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  1. I caddied for Joe Porter in the 1975 Kaiser Invitational at Silverado when I was a 17 year year old high school senior in San Jose cutting school for the week with Shawn McEntee for the fun of it. Do you know where Joe Porter is today? Danny Herns dherns@aol.com

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