TIGER INTERVIEW- So many questions…..

To be  a complete golf blog I occasionally need to cover the BIG topics that everyone is taking about….and this week it’s the Masters and Tiger Woods!!

I just listened to Tigers press conference and easily could have predicted most of his responses to the questions asked of him. Having watched Tiger as a young lad work his magic as a junior golfer and then as a college student at Stanford, it was very easy to predict he would be a GREAT professional golfer. But like so many other elite athletes the question was would he be able to conduct his private life-like he’s conducted his professional life…clearly the answer is NO.

If his personal life was such a “lie” as he states, then how could his integrity on the golf course be so disconnected to how he was leading his personal life? That is the part specifically I am most intrigued about…would Tiger ever call a penalty on himself if ONLY he saw  the ball move in the rough…it’s really hard to answer YES after listening to how messed up he was.

I also find it very hard to believe that Tiger didn’t know in Feb that he would return to golf for the 2010 Masters….Tiger miss a major…no possible way!! Remember this is a guy that played with a torn ACL and was taking pain medication to play in the 2008 US Open…..and won while grimacing in pain. It was a heroic effort and perhaps one of the greatest sports feats ever!!! Nobody should be surprised that Woods name is on the tee sheet for the start of this weeks Masters.

So Tiger is more human than anyone ever thought or knew about until his scandal was exposed 5 months ago. His well prepared comments are always themed as one of great remorse for what  he’s done to his family and friends (and fans) and how he has committed himself to a long course of therapy and treatment….wait else could he possibly say?

We all have to decide …do you care that perhaps one of the greatest athletes of all time also has some serious character flaws, and that his fame played a part in his access to the forbidden fruit that he not only couldn’t resist, but exploited to the 9’s? Or do we just care about the fact that he’ll probably go down in history as the best golfer the world has ever seen, and that he did more for the game than everyone else combined (an arguable point)!

Seriously we can all poke at Tiger, but we then become hypocritical of another human being that probably had little chance of living the pristine existence we all had assumed he was leading. Most will end up embracing him with his flawed background like we continue to embrace John Daly (who’s  addicted to just about every bad vice known to man). Personally I will never view Tiger in the same light, but does that really matter….? I guess the light he’s in now is one of having been a self-absorbed elite athlete that has made the same mistakes as many before him…..

Since I love and care about the game of golf….yes I will continue to root for Tiger, as there is nothing like a Tiger back nine when he reduces the competitors to frayed mince meat. Will his competition now feel more comfortable knowing he is a sinner…..I doubt it…what they’ll most likely see in Tiger is a MORE intensely dedicated player that will let his immense talent do the talking, and let time subside the hangover of his misdeeds.

Will you root for Tiger…my guess is most will, while many won’t..this all adds to the intense drama that the game and media will enjoy over the coming months. I will again root for Tiger and hope he does contend on Sunday afternoon, which will make the Master memorable and way more exciting than watching Lucas Glover compete against Ricky Barnes (no knock on those guys).

I also just posted my video of the Terry Rowles TPI interview, and will continue to cover the Masters throughout the week.

Although you will find spelling and grammatical errors in the blog…please remember that I write these quickly with little review to get this information out on a timely basis…thanks for your understanding!!

Randy Haag

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