More on Tiger at Augusta- the inside scoop

Written by Michael Shaw

Hey there everyone. I was in Augusta today, and had a long conversation with Mr Waters, who is 80, and owns Bonaventure Golf. His store is fantastic, and has been in existence for 40 yrs. He owns all his inventory, has NO receivables, and yes, he does business with us.

Some of his customers during the 3 weeks of the Masters… week prior, the actual week, and one week after, include, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Johnnie Miller, Tom Watson, Angel Cabrerra, Camillo Villegas, Sergio Garcia….get the message.

Well here is the kicker.

Tiger has been in Augusta since this past Sunday.
Monday shot 74
Tuesday shot 75
Wednesday said he wanted to play like it was the Masters…shot 72-77. 36 holes.

The caddies were saying, as he hit every shot there were 10 golf carts surrounding him, with 2 armed guards in each cart. Where the ball was expected to land, be that the fairway off the tee, or the green, an additional 5 golf carts, with 2 armed guards in each were waiting.

On holes that border Augusta National, an additional 6 golf carts were positioned on the fence side of the hole. 2 guards, both armed.

All this with NO ONE ON THE COURSE!!!!!!!!!!

Augusta Police have called in extra security for the 7 days of the Tournament. All the vacant houses that had not been rented have been snapped up by Pulitzer Prizewinning Organisations like TMZ, The National Enquirer, etc etc.

The Caddies that are walking the course are saying…….60-40 he wont make the cut.    95-5 say he cannot win

Drives not too accurate, and short game not up to par. Putting….not even close.

Now dont go calling the William Hill betting offices in London to place bets against him, but the odds are obviously stacked way against him.

All I can say is……it should be a very interesting Monday thru Friday, AND, should he make the cut it could be riveting.

The town is buzzing over the event, more so than I have ever known in my 20 yrs of calling on the area. The tension and the excitement is unbelievable…everyone is asking…..have you seen him, have you seen him?

I dont know what I wish for to be honest…..but…..if it brings people back to the game, and selfishly, if it improves our incomes with increased sales, then I say…….come on Tiger, for God’s sake, play all 4 rounds and make it close.

I love this game, even though I can’t putt worth a sh-t anymore.

Best wishes
Michael Shaw

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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of security! Wonder if he’s gotten death threats? Great ‘inside scoop-age’! Can’t wait until Thursday, it’s gonna be a great tournament!

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