An Afternoon at the Bridges in Rancho Santé Fe

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to play The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe with three very good guys; Brendan Oneil (founder and CEO of Cahir Capital), Scott Lucas (our host and Chief Strategist of Candellacandle and Pete Wlodkowski (founder and owner of

This is what I love about golf…here we are 4 guys having a complete blast in a setting that is hard to top.  For 4+ hours I was able to forget about life’s challenges and just enjoy a great day of golf.

I must take a moment and mention a word or two about each of these great guys.  Brendan Oneil is a fellow Olympian and friend.  Brendan has recently founded a new fund called Cahir Capital.  In my 25+ years in the financial services business I have yet to meet a money manager I respect and like more than Brendan.  Today, Brendan’s highlight was a chip in for eagle on #7 after a bombed drive and 5 metal just short of the green.

I’ve known Pete Wlodkowski for over 15 years and greatly appreciate and enjoy our friendship.  Pete has done an amazing job building into a major golf portal.  I personally have enjoyed competing in many of his events and am looking forward to his flagship event next weekend at Stevenson Ranch called The California Mid-Amateur.

Scott Lucas (our host) is another successful, but humble, guy that has a passion for innovation along with a love for the game of golf.  Scott, in his early days, ran a 100+ Billion dollar mutual fund and decided it was time to slow down a bit.  Since his retirement Scott has founded several companies and is currently involved in a great new product that you can find at I think you’ll be impressed with this product line.

That’s a little about the great group we had today.  I won’t mention where the money ended up, but it was a beautiful day and I highly recommend playing the Bridges if you get the chance.


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