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Pelican Hill Golf Club – Today I witnessed a hole in one……

Even being from Northern California it’s hard not to like the amazing beauty and weather in Southern California. I had the privilege to join three fine gentlemen on Sunday – David Brokaw who I know from the Olympic Club and his two friends James Schermeyer and Dr. John Walen.

The great thing about golf is the new people you meet and new friendships that are forged out of spending 4-6 hours together in amazingly beautiful places like Newport beach on a perfect day. The course was quite nice and I recommend it highly for its views of the Pacific Ocean. Although not to difficult a course with a 73.3 rating and 133 slope, if you spray the ball wildly you will lose many balls and perhaps not enjoy the vistas while digging through the knee high bushes.

The great thing about playing with two new acquaintances through David, I was able to make two new friends, AND get another game TODAY at Pelican Hill. Today the group was Brendan Oneil, Dr John Wahlen, and Dr Pete Piampiano.

This was a great group of single handicap players and the two doctors are quite good players with a 5 & 6 handicap. But today was going to be very special as Dr. John Wahlen made an amazing hole in one on the second hole playing 205 yards into a slight breeze. His shot hit on the right side of the green and began rolling sideways towards the hole……and then in the hole.

The odds of an amateur making a hole in one are 1 in 12,750 or basically you’d need to play 3,187 rounds before the average amateur makes a hole in one!!

That means you’d need to play 318 rounds a year for 10 years or play almost daily for ten years before making a hole in one. Or you’d need to play 31 rounds a year for 100 years to make a hole in one. HOWEVER, I bet the odds of making a hole in one are 2x-3X tougher on a hole over 200 yards!!

It gets even better…after the round we noticed Natalie Gulbis

Putting on the practice green so we decided to ask her if she’d give Dr. John some love by posing for a photo with him…she graciously accepted (photo below).

Golf is a wonderful game that never ceases to surprise me, even though I didn’t make the hole in one, I will spend the rest of the day and evening celebrating with Dr. John and others while attending the Billy Idol concert at the Roth Conference in Laguna Nigel. I hope to have more photos of the good doctor tomorrow during his hole in one celebration…..

More to come tomorrow…thanks for tuning in, and check out the photos of Pelican Hill Golf Club!!

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  1. just my luck, i go to No Cal to play while you are in So Cal enjoying the great weather and Natalie! enjoy Billy Idol

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