Taylor Made “Kingdom” in Carlsbad. Interview with Daryl Dyte.

Taylor Made has a real “KINGDOM” in Carlsbad CA

I had the pleasure to meet with player’s relations specialist Daryl Dyte at the “Kingdom” in Carlsbad (North San Diego County). As always it was an amazing experience and one I recommend HIGHLY.

It is my personal opinion that Taylor Made has the most complete selection of golf equipment in the business, the new R-9 series of drivers, 3 metals and irons, give you some great options.

Previously I did use Titleist equipment and balls for over 25 years and won close to 100 amateur tournaments over that span of time. Clearly both these fine companies make great products for golfers of any skill level, but my reason for the switch to Taylor Made was I thought my chance to play at the highest level possible would be with Taylor Made equipment.

It’s really no secret that these companies want the top amateurs and pros to play with their balls and equipment. As an amateur we are not paid to play with their equipment, so our only motivation is to play with the equipment we believe gives us the best chance to win.

For me in 2009 at age 50 I was seeing great results using Taylor Made equipment (and a Titleist ball for half the year)- NCGA Player of the Year, 9 tournament victories, Olympic Club Champion, and qualified to play in the British Senior Open. I’m mentioning this because I do feel the ball and equipment do play a significant role in your performance.

The ball was another story though; I started the year using the Taylor Made TP red ball, and switched back to the Titleist Pro V1x ball in May. The reason was I felt a little more comfortable in my ability to shape my shots using the ProV1x as opposed to the Taylor Made TP red. I must admit though after one round using the new Taylor Made Penta TP, I am most likely going to put that ball into play. I was impressed with the feel, and flight of the ball, and the durability was amazing!

The purpose for my visit to the Kingdom was to re-tool my bag to be eligible to compete in the US Open, US Senior Open and British Senior Open Qualifiers. Any club with over 25 degrees of loft needs to conform to the new groove standards set by the PGA Tour, and USGA.

As you’ll see in one of the video clips, the launch monitor is a key tool in determining the proper shaft and club combination that will show key results like ball spin ratio, launch angle and ball speed.

I personally don’t think I’ll see a huge difference in my game, unlike many of the top Pro’s that have their games dialed into the exact spin they create, especially out of the rough will be an adjustment for them.

I again thank Taylor Made, Eddie Erkmanis and Daryl Dyte for the opportunity to get a real tour custom fit at the “Kingdom”. Please view the onsite interview I took of Daryl Dyte, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.



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  1. Hey, nice job this year and the past 3 years. Happy Thanksgiving hope to see you soon …… Steve

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