This is the official start of a golf blog that I hope will be informative and enjoyable to read

This is the official start of a golf blog that I hope will be informative and enjoyable to read. I am a novice blogger, and I will welcome any comments as we go along. The goal of this blog is to provide insight into competitive amateur golf, and certain views and opinions of the author (me) and shared ideas and comments on those kind enough to follow along.

The beginning topic and focus will be on the 2010 SF City Golf Championship, that begins this weekend with the qualifier for the Men’s Championship flight with two qualifying rounds at Harding Park and Lincoln Park.

I have been a participant in this event since 1976, and have been fortunate to have played against many legends of amateur golf- 1984 finals against Aly Trompais (who during the 36 hole final drank a case, YES a case of lucky lager), Gary Vanier final match in 1999, and Martin Trainer finals in 2008.   Aly Trompais was the US Junior champion in 1969, and a major winner in many national amateur events, Gary Vanier, a 6 time SF City champion and legendary match play competitor, and Martin Trainer at age 16 was the youngest SF City Champion to date (it was quite a match).
Over the coming days and weeks, I will try to provide my own personal perspective on the event, and sprinkle in some history of the event along the way. I will be providing my own tips and insight into how I approach each hole of the qualifier, and then again how I approach the course during match play. THIS is my 1st blog ever, so please excuse typo’s and any other foolish grammatical errors that you may catch. I’ll try to keep the inside scoop on Tiger Woods to a minimum, but golf needs Woods to get back into the game. I’ve had some personal history with a young Tiger that I will share in future postings….until tomorrow…enjoy the good weather!

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