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MORE ON Side Saddle Putting

The Secret to Success in the Putting game

Side saddle article

This Wall Street article is a little old now, but the same principles still apply to this soon to be VERY popular technique. If your interested in trying Side Saddle putting, leave me a message and I can help you get started. I believe that Bryson D. will soon be the best Side Saddle putter in the world, I certainly hope so!!

Stay tuned!!

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If you love golf, your are spending a fair amount of money on green fees, membership fees, travel, tournament expenses, etc

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I am not being paid by this company to promote their stock, but I do own over a million shares of this company, and I expect these share to reach $1.00 a share over the next 24 months. I have mentioned this company before, and now I have an independent research report to share with you.

If you chose to not own ID Watchdog, I certainly respect that, but I can tell you that with my experience in these capital markets that you have a 90% chance of a market correction, while IDW has a 90% chance of going higher. Its your choice.

Next posting I will provide you with more information on FaceOn putting




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Thousand of golfer are looking for a better way to putt since the “anchor” ban has gone into effect. Many are considering FaceOn/Siddle Saddle putting as an option. Its a GREAT option, but NOT a quick fix. I started putting FaceOn in 1997, and have won over 100 amateur tournaments during this period, I was DONE with golf putting conventional, and it saved me from probably quitting the game. If you cannot putt, why dedicate your time and effort to something that always ends in frustration.

I will say that since 2012, I’ve struggled with the FaceOn putting only because there is a YIP at impact, yes even putting FaceOn I’ve had to make significant adjustments. Even this past weekend while competing in the 36 hole final of the Olympic Club Championship, I had to only two putt from 30 feet on the 18th hole to secure the championship. I putt FaceOn but with my eyes closed, and in this high pressure situation I was not able to roll the first putt the proper distance and watched it all end in a heartbreaking loss. I’m telling you about this  because its all part of the game, and the situation changes from day to day.

But I will say that from 1997-2012 my putting was my greatest weapon and that I rarely ever had an average day pf putting. Many many players tried this strange looking method after watching me putt, but failed because they were all looking for a quick fix. THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX!! You need to dedicate many months to develop the feel in the long putts and find the right FaceOn putter. Now there is a VERY good choice with the new Bobby Schaeffer putter, that will probably see the first PGA tour win secured by Bryson DeChambeau using this putter. So now we have better FaceOn instruction and a few decent options to consider with the many FaceOn putters available. In the future I plan to write about all of the FaceOn putters I have run across that are available, so STAY TUNED.

And if you find this information valuable, please tell a friend and subscribe to this blog so that you will automatically get each post sent to you. Click on the links below to see some video footage of some of my FaceOn putting tips





Mastering the short putts FACEON





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If your a top notch senior amateur, you most certainly want to play in these two events. Obviously the USGA Senior Amateur is a National Championship, and the Crump Cup is a prestigious amateur invitational held annually at Pine Valley.

This years Senior Amateur was held at Old Warson in St Louis MO. and provided a very stiff test for all participants. The course measures 7000 yards + and played all of it as the rains slowed down the course dramatically with a few days of heavy showers.

My qualifying rounds were quite satisfactory with a sub-par 70  followed by an even par 71 for a 141 total and a T4th position going into match play. 156 Players from all over the country and world, began the event with two rounds of stroke play to determine the low 64 for match play. In match play events everyone starts equal again, but are paired to compete head-to-head based on their qualifying score (#1 seed plays #64 seed, and so on).

But a word of caution, the guys that just squeaked into the top 64 are always dangerous, as was my worthy opponent. I was able to hold on in the end against Anthony Fioretti the #60th seed to win 2&1. Next up was  Michael Dunsmore, from Poughkeepsie, N.Y  I got off to quite a hot start with birdies on #1, #2, and #4 to go 3 up in the match. And after a big drive on the 5th hole, something quite strange happened to me, I began playing some of my worst golf I’ve played in a very long time. I don’t make excuses for poor play, as everyone out there has some kind of issues wether mental, physical or emotional, golf is a VERY tough sport. This match had significant meaning in many ways, one was that it would have put me in the drivers seat for Northern California Player of the year honors, which now has slipped by. But even more important is the opportunity to become a National Champion in golf, something that very few people achieve.

I’ve written here a lot about the wonders of side saddle putting and how consistent it is, but in this event, I went from rolling my rock through the first three days, to FIVE three putts over 12 holes in my second match. At this level, you are NOT going to beat these players with poor putting, and this was a tough one to take for me. I was more upset after this losing match than usual, only because I had beaten myself, and now the dream of being the 2016 USGA Senior Am champ was over.

With an early exit, it was still possible to make it East to participate in the 2016 Crump Cup at Pine Valley, but honestly I was ready to pack it in and go back west. As I was sitting in my hotel room trying to decide where to go next, I received a call from the head golf professional at Pine Valley, Mr. David Clark. He was great, and said that they had been following my progress, and would understand if I wouldn’t be able to make it to Pine Valley for this years Crump Cup. I asked David if I could think on it for another hour, to make my decision.

I am sure most of you know that Pine Valley is the #1 ranked course in the world, and for good reason. After I cooled my jets I decided to head east to participate in this years Crump Cup, and I am glad I did.

This was my first year in the Senior flight, which meant the more forward tees would perhaps be more user friendly. However the qualifying rounds produced the same type of golf I experienced in my last match at Old Warson, and after a poor 76, I started off day two with 6 three putts in the first seven holes.

Perhaps some of you are wondering how I could have such huge gyrations from day to day with my putting, and the reason I putt side saddle was to eliminate these inconsistencies. But the truth is I now putt with my eyes closed, so not to anticipate the hit. This has been going on for a few years now, and honestly it has not been very much fun. Yes I still have good putting days, which did come back to me on Saturday and today to eventually win the second flight of the Crump Cup. I had to beat the likes of past US Amateur, legendary Champion Vinny Giles, and standout amateurs John McClure and in the final match defending senior champion Glenn Smeraglio.

Now I am sitting on a United Flight back to San Francisco, thinking about this trip, my short comings as a golfer, and my putting issues. I have no clear answers about the putting, except that I’ll just keep doing what I am doing, some days will be good, and others will not. But perhaps a change in side saddle putters will help, and I am excited to try my new Bobby Schaefer side saddle (FACEON) putter this week.

I plan to post some video of this putter so you all can see what it looks like, and what I think about it. I have been collecting as many side saddle putters as possible so I can give all of you the benefit of my critique.

And for those of you that have not yet played Pine Valley, you must put it on your bucket list!!


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Back to Old Warson for the start of the Senior Amateur, which was the site of the 1999 US Mid Amateur. Old Warson this time around looks lush, long, and quite wet. The second day of practice rounds have not gotten off the ground with thunder showers hitting the St Louis area all day today. That means this grand old course is going to play LONG!!

My hope is the USGA doesn’t start making adjustments and moving the tees forward. Candidly I felt the last two years venues were played way to short (not that it helped me). I think a National Senior championship should be conducted at 7,000 yards long.

These sloping and tight fairways will provide a significant challenge, especially for those that hit it short and crooked. Even the longer hitters will need to keep the ball in the fairways as the rough will be wet and nasty.

My strategy will be the same as in the US Senior Open at Scioto, GET THE BALL IN THE FAIRWAY, which I did not do a very good job of (10 of 28 fairways). Here at Old Warson it will be very similar, and winning matches or even qualifying will be tough out of the nasty rough. Who are the favorites, well certainly defending Champ Chip Lutz will be very tough to beat, along with other past National champs, Paul Simson, Brady Exber, Doug Hanzel, Pat Tallent, Danny Green, Tim Jackson, Randal Lewis, Vinny Giles, Buddy Marucci, Mike Bell, Buddy Alexander. All of these guys are GREAT players and will be tough in the match play portion.

The next tier of great players in the field also could have a breakthrough tournament and become a National Champion, but to win 6 matches over 4 days, against the best Senior players in the world will not be easy, especially on this difficult track. My prediction is one of the longer hitters will prevail this week, so who is your pick?

Stay tuned for more from the US Senior Amateur at Old Warson!!

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I’m pretty sure most of you are more familiar with the first two on the list, but the last one is personal, and important to me. Currently you can see that Dale Bouguennec has a slight lead with only a few events left on the calendar.


Last weekend I entered an event that normally I would not play in (no offense) the San Jose City Championship. It was a very well run tournament and I enjoyed it very much. Results below.

San Jose Senior City Results

So now things get VERY interesting, as we have the 200 point Senior State Fair at Mather this weekend, which will go a long way in deciding this years NCGA Senior Player of the Year. After this weekend, I am playing in the USGA Senior amateur in St. Louis at Old Warson, which honestly is not point heavy, and Dale will be playing in the NCGA Valley Am a two day stroke event with 300 points available for the winner. So what will I do about that? Once I make match play in the USGA Senior amateur I will only get 70 points, and will need to keep winning to stay ahead, or catch up depending on this weekend. If I happen to lose my Monday match (round of 64), I will be on a flight home on Monday evening so I can tee it up on Tuesday morning in Roseville at Morgan Creek to play for the title.

I guess some would ask, why do you even care? And that is often hard to answer, and the answer lies in your heart, and what’s important to you in life, whether its big or small, we all need goals and things to play and fight for. This is a friendly spirited competition between two players having great years in senior amateur golf. In this year of 2016 I have won the SF City Senior Championship, won the NCGA senior four ball, won the NCGA Match Play Championship, won the US Senior Open Qualifier, played in the USGA Four Ball, qualified for the USGA Senior Amateur, led the Senior British amateur thru 30 of 54 holes. And last weekend added the San Jose City to my list of wins. So yes, I do care about being player of the year, and I love to compete!!

My next few blogs will cover the player of the year race, the USGA Senior amateur, and some new information on FACEON PUTTING that you won’t want to miss.

This is NOT a stock tip blog, but if you want to have more cash for golf, travel and life, BUY shares of this fast growing identity theft company ID Watchdog, symbol IDWAF and read their recent 2nd quarter results and their guidance. Life is a risk, and this is as well, but this is a very good one, and I hope if anyone does take a look and become an owner, they will comment in six months))


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