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Its no secret that Chip Lutz is the best senior amateur in the world, lets just review his most recent record in the majors- 2015 USGA Senior amateur champion, 2016 British Senior amateur champion, 2016 USGA Senior Open – only amateur to make the cut in the Open, an had one of two rounds under par in the afternoon wave on Friday.

Ok we have established that he is good, but how has he gone from a long putter that was anchored in 2015, back to a regular putter using the claw grip? I think if you were to ask Chip, he would say that he was still pretty good with the short putter when he switched to the long putter, and believed that he could make the switch back and still compete at the highest level. I witnesses his playoff at Fornby the site of  the 2016 Senior Amateur in England. He has a 25 foot putt for birdie on the first playoff hole that he rammed into to the cup for his third title in that event. Many would have three putted in that situation, and wanted to quite the game.

If you cannot putt, you are NOT going to win anything significant. The pressure increases as the importance of the event escalates. Click on this article and read about the NCGA Senior 4 Ball that I just competed in with Mr. Lutz as my partner.


As you can probably imagine, I did not have a tremendous amount of pressure on me, because I had a partner that was hardly ever out of position, or out of a hole. When you play in a best ball with a partner that leaves you alone all the time, honestly its stressful, and can provide more pressure than if you were playing in an individual event.

Why is Chip so good? Because he drives it straight and long, he hits his irons straight with good distance control, he chips like a demon, and putts better than average. The unfortunate thing about all of that, is some of it is technique (like his great chipping technique) but the other is god given talent, flexibility, and the ability to play his best under the most pressure.

When I play casual golf with Chip, I’d say I outplay him for the most part. But when the GUN goes off, this talented 61 year old can play like any pro i’ve played with in my career. So then how can I beat a guy like Chip in a big event like the USGA Senior Am? Well its simple, I will need to have a VERY clean and flawless round of golf, and not let the pressure of who I am playing affect me with additional pressure and poor shot decisions. THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS, everyone changes their game plan to try to play up to the level of the super-star they have to beat. You must keep to YOUR game plan, and play your game, like in boxing with body punches.

On another note, this years San Francisco City Championship was a huge success, and moved back to its original home TPC Harding Park. Thanks to all of you that made generous donations to bring this historic event back to Harding.

I will be posting this weekend on my journey and experience in Utopia Texas, for the Links of Utopia retreat with Dr. Cook. Should be VERY interesting!!


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Move your body for better Golf

Over my 40+ year amateur  career I have tried many forms of physical and mental training to give me the best chance to play golf at a level that I aspire to play at.

I have benefitted from Pilates, Egoscue, Bikrim yoga, self hypnosis, and many others. Now I have found someone called “the body whisperer”

This short video below only gives you a tidbit about what Erin can do for you and your body.

Her website address is 

Erin Burch – Body Whisperer

Golf is a game that requires you to move your body, I believe Erin’s method is the best I’ve ever seen

Stay tuned

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Face-On Putting

Soon I will post a review of ALL the Side Saddle putters I can find in the marketplace, and how to acquire one!

Much has been written about this unusual technique lately due to Bryson DeChambeau’s using this method on the PGA tour. Its unknown if he will continue to putt this way after some issues with its legality, more on that later.

Please read this article that was featured in the Winter edition of the NCGA Golf magazine. It will give you some good information on why this technique is considered superior by Bryson.

Face-On Putting with Bryson DeChambeau and Mike Schy


Those that commit themselves to putt using the superior Binocular Vision advantage will gain a more consistent way of putting if you take the time to re-calibrate your feel for speed on lengthy putts.

The start of the 2017 season began on Feb 27th in the USGA Four Ball qualifier at Sunnyside in Fresno (50 teams for 2 spots in the championship). By the 13th hole I made my 6th birdie of the round, which included made putts of 10 6 35 30 20 and 8 feet. The tragedy was making a team bogey on the par 5 18th hole, and going from medalist to 1st alternate. This game can be cruel sometimes, but don’t let you putter be weakest part of your game that lets you down under pressure. Together we can fix your putting woes, and make it your greatest weapon!!

Stay tuned for more on the best Side Saddle putters on the market, and please give me your comments.

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I’m sure many of you are getting tired of me writing just about Side Saddle putting, but since its the hot topic now, I will give you all I’ve got here. The other day I was interviewed by this golf publication called GolfLink, click on the link to read the article. These guys do a good job covering golf.


These were two takes on Sunday at the Olympic Club, notice all six putts were made, that is the norm putting this way.


Up next will be how to find a Side Saddle putter that will work for you. The choices are limited, but there are a few good ones out there.

Stay tuned!!

Well, I already told you back in June this was eventually going to happen, and until Bryson has some success putting this way, he will have many critics. But I say, screw them all for their unkind comments about Bryson. Most people don’t have 1/10 the brains and talent this kid has, let alone the balls to be different and not care what others say and think.

I believe its refreshing, and I believe Bryson to be a fine young man, with a VERY bright career ahead of him. Face on putting has been around for a long time, and possibly originated with Sam Snead (later baned when he straddled the line), but now its legal as long as you are to the side of the line of putt, and have less than 80 degrees of angle coming out of the putter shaft.

I believe that Bryson will win putting Face On, and it will begin a revolution of players trying this technique, but most will abandon it, as it is NOT a QUICK FIX!!!

Bryson in the news

More on Side Saddle putting once I am back from Thailand where I just completed competing in the World Club Championship, representing the Olympic Club.


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I am very proud of my good friend Chip Lutz who had an outstanding 2016. please read and subscribe to the Global Golf Post



Global Golf Post Names Amateurs of the Year, All-Amateur Teams


Nov. 28, 2016, Winter Park, Fla.  – Global Golf Post, the world’s leading digital golf news magazine, today announced its men’s and women’s amateurs of the year for 2016, as well as its fourth annual All-Amateur teams for men and women.


Three-time British Seniors Amateur champion Chip Lutz was selected as the male Amateur of the Year, while UCLA senior Bronte Law was named the female Amateur of the Year.


“Each fall, The Post labors to find the two players who epitomize the best of the amateur game: a man and woman whose legacy is an inspiration for others,” The Post’s Steve Eubanks wrote for the magazine’s Nov. 28 edition. “Lutz won his third British Seniors Amateur championship in August and followed it up with a low-amateur finish at the U.S. Senior Open.  He added, “Law became the only player other than Stacy Lewis to win five points in one Curtis Cup. She also charged from seven shots back to win the European Ladies’ Amateur and then made the cut in the Ricoh Women’s British Open. Law put an exclamation point on her summer by capturing the deciding point for England in the European Ladies’ Amateur Team Championships, the first victory for England in that event in 23 years.”


In addition, The Post unveiled its fourth All-Amateur selections for men and women in the amateur, mid-amateur, and senior amateur categories. A total of 201 players from 29 countries were recognized for on-course excellence in 2016.


“Amateur golf is a part of the DNA of The Post,” said founder and publisher Jim Nugent. “We take great pride and similar joy in supporting the amateur game, globally.”


# # #


About Global Golf Post:

Founded in 2010, Global Golf Post is the leading designed-for-digital weekly golf news publication in the world. It is delivered overnight Sunday, 50 weeks a year, to a global audience of more than 2 million avid golfers. Global Golf Post is a fully interactive digital publication that incorporates rich media applications and offers golf consumers a remarkable online experience, much like reading a traditional magazine or newspaper. For more information, go to


Media Contact

James Nugent

Founder & Publisher

Global Golf Post

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