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I highly recommend you all tune in on Nov 11th for the Premier of the “SQEEZE” on the Golf Channel!!!

“The Squeeze” To Premiere On Golf Channel Tuesday, Nov. 10 At 8 P.M. ET Based on a true story, new golf movie showcases a young prodigy caught in the middle of high stakes gambling matches; Christopher McDonald and Jeremy Sumpter star; Directed by former ABC Sports golf producer/director Terry Jastrow

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ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 19, 2015 – Golf’s latest Hollywood foray, “The Squeeze”, centers around a gifted young golfer who crosses paths with an obsessive gambler willing to resort to whatever means necessary to win a bet. Directed by former ABC Sports golf producer/director Terry Jastrow, the film will make its television premiere on Golf Channel, Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. ET (encore at 10 p.m.).

The movie is based on a true story and was written and directed by Jastrow, who produced or directed coverage of 62 major championships (U.S. Open, Open Championship, PGA Championship), and was a seven-time Emmy winner over the course of his 22-year career. For the movie, Jastrow made it a prerequisite to cast a lead character with a legitimate golf acumen in order to ensure an authentic storyline that golf-enthused viewers would take seriously. The cast features Christopher McDonald – known among golf circles for his memorable role playing Shooter McGavin in “Happy Gilmore” – who plays the cunning gambler, starring alongside Jeremy Sumpter – a scratch golfer – who plays the young golf prodigy.

Notable Industry Accolades for “The Squeeze”

“I watched ‘The Squeeze’ with Barbara and really enjoyed it. It’s a fun movie that tells an interesting story, and the golf elements are so real you actually believe it could happen.”- Jack Nicklaus, 18-time major champion

“‘The Squeeze’ is a wonderful golf movie because it’s so authentic. It hooks you in the beginning and stays interesting and entertaining right to the end. I’m looking forward to seeing it again.” – Phil Mickelson, five-time major champion

“‘The Squeeze’ depicts actors who are truly believable as pro quality golfers. Jastrow’s true understanding of the game (with 22 years directing sports) injects reality into the scenes with a stream of golf humor that golfers will find both familiar and believable. ‘The Squeeze’ is indeed an enjoyable adventure into golf and big time gambling.” – Tom Watson, eight-time major champion

The film centers around Augie Baccas (Sumpter), a blossoming golf phenom from a rural town who gains the attention of the cynical gambler, Riverboat (McDonald), after winning a citywide championship by a stunning 15 shots and breaking the course record in the process. When Riverboat offers a cut of the winnings from the cross-country high stakes matches he’s proposing to line up, Augie – with his family’s financial and emotional strains squarely on his mind – reluctantly obliges, ignoring the cautionary advice from his longtime girlfriend Natalie (Jillian Murray). When the stakes get higher and higher, the unlikely tandem set off for Las Vegas for a $1 million match against a man with mob connections, leaving Augie with the ultimate conundrum, caught in “the squeeze” of how to escape from the hole he’s dug himself into.

“The Squeeze” is Jastrow’s feature film directorial debut, created from his screenplay based on a true story. Along with Jastrow, the movie was produced by George Parra, Anne Archer, Michael Doven, and Brian McCormack.

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Many of you will think this is some kind of an Ad for Tesla, and that I’m going to benefit from the possibility of you buying one of these amazing cars. If ten people buy a Tesla and use my link, they will save $1,000 off the final price, and I will receive a $1,000 credit on a future Tesla purchase, thats the deal that Elon is offering us.

When I was looking for a new car I was considering a Mercedes, BMW, and possibly a Tesla. I’ve had 6 Mercedes in my life and 5 BMW. So on the final day, I called three close friends, and fellow Olympians, and each of these guys said that the Tesla was the best car they’ve ever owned, and they would trade any and all of their other cars before getting rid of their Tesla. THAT WAS POWERFUL TO ME AS I RESPECT EACH OF THESE GUYS A LOT.

So on the final decision day I went to Mercedes first in Redwood City, I walked into the showroom, and to my surprise nobody approached me to offer assistance. While looking at their gas guzzling, high excise taX product, I realized that all of their cars looked basically the same, and the second you drive off with one of these powerful bad boys, you’ve lost about 20% right out of the gate. So ten minutes after getting to the Mercedes dealership, I decided that I have moved on from Mercedes. My next stop was the BMW dealership in San Mateo.

WOW, I had the exact same experience at the BMW dealership, no service, cars that all looked the same, and NO WOW power. Fortunately the Tesla store was close by in Burlingame, and decided to stop in to see how I felt about their experience. I was warmly greeted by someone that answered all my questions, and with only a few Tesla cars to look at in the showroom, I decided to look at the options on their computer where you design your own car. IT WAS EPIC, it was easy, fun, and actually as a business man, appreciated their intuitive approach. After I had chosen their top of the line Model S Blue with tan interior, I was faced with a large BUY button at the end of the process. With very little hesitation I pressed the buy button, gave them a $2,500 deposit off my Amex card, and my non-binding car purchase was in process. On Sept 30th when I was the last customer at midnight to take possession of my new TESLA, I was in awe of the 20+ enthusiastic employees that clapped as I backed my new car out of the showroom floor, and into the moonlight.

That was almost one year ago, and everyday with my Tesla gets better and better….why is that….? Because they are constantly updating my software, make enhancements to this great driving machine. If you do not consider buying a Tesla, you’re cheating yourself. TESLA stands by their product, and will give me half my money back after 3 years if I want out. By car standards, not a bad deal at all. Elon Musk is a genius, and has built a car that is honestly light years ahead of the competition. Once you are seated behind the wheel, and you feel the instant power, you will be BLOWN AWAY. Oh and as a golfer, on the way to Carmel for the 7+ tournaments I play in a year down that way, the Gilroy Supercharging station allows me to charge my car for free in about 45 minutes while I either shop at the Great Gilroy Factory outlets, or dine at the ever popular In-and-out Burger joint (I’ve gained a few pounds). You can actually drive across the country and charge your car for free, as you go, as the Supercharging stations are strategically positioned throughout the country.

But PLEASE READ what Elon has to say below, and I can assure you that if you buy one of these cars, you’ll be like of the rest of us… VERY HAPPY, and your days of paying for dirty gasoline will be OVER. If you think I am full of shit, I will happily let you drive my Tesla, and while we are playing the Olympic Club, we’ll charge my Tesla for FREE. My range is always about 240 miles on a full charge.

If you have friends who might like to receive a $1,000 discount on a Model S, below is an email that you can edit if you choose and send to them.

I am sending you one of my ten $1,000 gift certificates for buying a Tesla Model S via this link: (expires on Oct 31, 2015).

The first thing to mention is that you can buy a Tesla online, just like ordering a computer or a book. No need to go to a store. Moreover, if you lease it, the Model S comes with a happiness guarantee. If you don’t like the car for any reason, you can just give it back.

A survey of Tesla customers by Consumer Reports found that 98% expected that their next car purchase would also be a Tesla, much higher than for any other car. I feel the same way about my Tesla, which is why I’m recommending one for you.

Here is some background from Tesla about why you might want to buy a Model S:

Starting at $575/month after gas savings, the Model S is still a relatively expensive car, but here is what makes it worth the price:

Maximum Safety

The single most important thing to know about the Model S is that it is literally the safest car on the road bar none. It didn’t just receive five stars in every category and subcategory of safety (including for pedestrians), which about 1% of other cars do—the Model S recorded the lowest probability of injury of any car ever tested by the U.S. government across all passenger vehicles, including minivans and SUVs.

In addition, every Model S comes standard with automatic emergency braking, as well as blind-spot and forward- and side-collision warning systems to prevent accidents in the first place.

Speed and cool features are nice, but nothing is more important than the safety of you, your family and your friends. For more info, check out this blog:


Since the Model S doesn’t need a big combustion engine, radiators, exhausts or catalytic converters, it has tremendous cargo capacity. With both a trunk in the front and a trunk in the rear, it has more storage space than any other sedan and more than most SUVs.

There is so much space in the back that you can have an optional fold-flat, rear-facing third seat, allowing you to carry five adults, two children and luggage in the front trunk. Tesla installs a high strength steel bumper to enable the car to take highway-speed impacts in the rear without permanent injury to the third row.

You can also carry several sets of skis, bikes and other equipment using the built-in attachments for the roof rack.

Other features that improve utility are a dynamic air suspension that remembers where it needs to raise itself, based on when you last pressed it. With this, you can raise the car above the snow and get through anything SUVs can handle. Tesla’s biggest per capita sales are above the Arctic Circle in Norway.


Tesla received the highest customer feedback rating for service of any car brand in production:

A big reason for this is that Tesla intentionally operates its service centers at break-even. We don’t believe in profiting off our product if it is not working.

Our service centers are located throughout North America and Canada, with Mexico coming soon:

If there isn’t one near you, no problem: our Tesla ranger service will take care of you wherever you are.


Even the basic Model S has great acceleration and handling. This goes all the way up to the P90D version, which does a record-breaking 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and a 10.9-second quarter mile, far beyond the capabilities of any other four-door car and faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo. The P90D in ludicrous mode can accelerate at 1.1 g’s, which is faster than falling.

What makes our handling superior to gasoline cars is that the center of gravity (cg) is extremely low, because the battery pack is in the floor pan, centered between the axles. This also means that a key engineering measure of handling, the polar moment of inertia, is almost perfect. No other production car in the world has a more ideal placement of mass for optimal handling. The Model S has Newton on its side.

With Tesla’s dual motor all-wheel drive, the traction and handling in every kind of weather are a step change better than gasoline all-wheel drive. Instead of having a simple mechanical shaft connecting front and rear, a Tesla actually has a motor in the front and a motor in the rear, so it can dynamically shift torque front to rear at the millisecond level, effectively providing digital traction control an order of magnitude more precise than mechanical linkages.

Like an airliner, it also enables motor redundancy. If one motor encounters a fault, you can simply drive with the other one, rather than being stuck on the side of the road.

Cool features

The Model S has an easy-to-use 17-inch touchscreen computer that is always improving itself and the rest of the car via free over-the-air updates.

The car learns your habits and will automatically set the cabin temperature to your preference when it thinks you are about to use the car. If you enable the calendar function, the car will show you your appointments on a big, easy-to-read screen, and you can just tap an address to navigate there. No more fumbling with a tiny phone.

Navigation includes real-time traffic data from the car’s cell connection, and it will dynamically adjust your route as traffic conditions change. In the morning and evening, it will alert you and offer an alternate route if your normal route is congested.

You can also ask the car to play any song or favorite band at any time just by holding down the voice button. It also has lots of comedy sketches available, ranging from Monty Python to Jim Gaffigan.

Coming in a few weeks via an over-the-air update are the highway autosteer and parallel autopark functions. When asked, the car will automatically control steering going down the freeway, dramatically reducing driver workload. It will also automatically parallel park with precision.

In a few months, you will be able to press a button on your Tesla phone app and the car will open your garage and put itself to bed. You will also be able to summon it from your garage if it isn’t plugged in. It needs the Tesla Snakebot for that!

What about charging?

The Model S has a charger built-in, so most owners just plug into a wall socket at their home or office. It can use anything from a standard 110V outlet at 1.5 kW all the way to the Wall Connector at 20 kW. Most customers just install a simple 240 V dryer socket in their garage, which all electricians can do, and it works perfectly.

For long distance, you get to use the free Tesla long-distance Supercharger network, located near restaurants and amenities. Typically the time spent on recharging is about 25 to 30 minutes after three hours of driving, which is about right. If you start a trip at 9am, by noon most people want to stop to use the restroom, have lunch or coffee and be on their way. By the time you come back your car is ready to go.

The Supercharger network covers the lower 48 continental states in the U.S. and parts of southern Canada, soon to include Mexico. As mentioned above, the Tesla Superchargers really are free to use for life. You could go on a road trip (rear seats fold flat into a great bed), pack some food and leave your wallet at home. Map:

Expert opinions

The Model S has won almost every award offered for a vehicle, including Motor Trend Car of the Year, Automobile Car of the Year and Consumer Reports’ best car in the world (two years running).

Moreover, Consumer Reports gave Model S the highest rating of any car in its long history: 99/100. The reason CR is the most trusted source for buyers is that they don’t take advertising, they buy a car secretly and at random (so they know it is a normal car) and they test it rigorously for months before reaching a rating. There is no more objective source.

Environmental Impact

Building a Model S produces roughly the same CO2 as a gasoline car of similar weight, however it is far more CO2-efficient in driving, which is what really matters over the lifetime of the car.

The EPA rates the efficiency of Model S as equivalent to 90 mpg—making it twice as energy-efficient as a compact hybrid even when factoring in power plant emissions. The current Model S number will steadily improve over time as older power plants are phased out in favor of clean, renewable energy.

However, if you install even a small solar panel on your house or garage, you will actually produce more electricity during the week than you consume with your car, making your automotive carbon footprint unequivocally zero or better. And, in the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse, you will still be able to charge and drive your car!!

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After much deliberation I have decided to write this story, if it perhaps helps one person avoid this from ever happening to them, then its worth telling.

Royal County Down is ranked #4 in the world for a reason, it is AMAZING,stunning visuals from almost every point on the course. The whole setting is quite spectacular.

Stunning view from the 200 yard 4th hole

Stunning view from the 200 yard 4th hole

Demanding tee shot on #8

Demanding tee shot on #8

I arrived on Sunday, hoping to hit some chips or balls on the range, but everything was closed, so I returned on Monday morning for my 8:30 practice round. A friend of mine and member of the club had arranged an experienced caddie for me, which is very helpful at RCD with the lines off the tee being critical to your success, and with the tricky greens. I spoke with the Caddie Master Barney at about 8:00 am on Monday and to my disappointment he told me I didn’t have a caddie lined up that day. I was a bit unhappy as the first round is the most important day to have a caddie help you with the lines on these many blind tee shots. So I rented a pull cart and headed to the first tee. While on the practice putting green, the caddie master came with a caddie, that had no previous experienced (I don’t think he had ever caddied before), but was a nice lad, and he pulled along the clubs on the pull cart. On Tuesday I was told that the experienced caddie I was expecting was not available and the lad from Monday was my only option. So another nine holes on Tuesday and my game was ready for this thing to start, having been preparing in Ireland since June 21st (two weeks).

My Tuesday practice round with my pals Robert Vallis (past champ) Chip Lutz (two time past champ) me and then David Nelson (recent George Thomas Champ at LACC)

My Tuesday practice round with my pals Robert Vallis (past champ) Chip Lutz (two time past champ) me and then David Nelson (recent George Thomas Champ at LACC)

Opening round weather on Wednesday was horrific, with wind and driving rain. My tee shot in a driving rain was about 150 yards short of my drive in the practice rounds. After one hole, I was already drenched through all of my rain gear, and four gloves I was trying to keep dry were goners. I made a solid par on the first hole, and on #2 the driver slipped in my hands resulting in a low left liner into the gorse. We found my ball, I chopped it out, hit a wedge onto the green 30 feet away, and then had to wait about 10 minutes while a squeegee team rolled the standing water off the green. I then rolled in my 30 footer for a nice par as the rain continued to pelt down hard on us. The R&A official then informed us that they were going to suspend play (which occurred at about 9:38). We all walked in.

Water on the first green

Water on the first green

Walking back down #1

Walking back down #1

I had my caddie walk with me to my hotel Slieve Donard which is about 100 yards from the first tee. I told him to wait at the clubhouse for information on the delay, and to call me in my room with any news. He of course said ok, and away I went to my room to start drying my clothes, clubs, shoes and anything else that was wet.
At 10:30 I called the front desk and they connected me with RCD and the woman that answered said an announcement would be made in 20 minutes. At 11:00 I called again and the same woman told me the round is delayed 2:30 hours from 12:03 and that I should call back at 2:00. So I waited with no word from anyone. At 12:30 my room phone rang, it was a R&A official telling me that play had resumed at 12:03, and that I was not there, and I was disqualified. I WAS IN TOTAL SHOCK, and was in disbelief that 1. the woman gave me bad information 2. My caddie didn’t come get me or call 3. The R&A knew I was staying at Slieve Donard, and they had my cell number.

But in the end, it was my fault for not actually going over to the club, to make 100% certain that I was getting the right information. I cannot explain the feelings I am going through, now missing a chance to play this great course in perfect conditions. I had put the time into being ready for this event, and competing on this course is something that you can only dream of as a golfer. I played this course in the 1999 Amateur championship, and played it under extreme high wind conditions.

I am now back in Dublin, as I needed to get away from the course and all the people I know asking me what happened. And today I got an email from the R&A asking why I didn’t pay my caddie for the first round…..Oh well I’m keeping my cool, and fortunately I have an event next week when I get back for the NCGA Senior Am championship at Poppy Hills and Spyglass.
More to follow.

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You really can’t see much of the course from these video shots, but it will give you a feel for the links style course. Currently we are in a weather delay for the 1st round of the Senior Amateur at Royal County Down, more on the later!

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1. If I was planning a golfing trip to Ireland, I would use this gentleman to plan my entire trip:

Mike Brassil/Travel Executive
Carr Golf Travel – Creating Unique Experiences & Memories for Life
Carr Corporate Events
T: +353 1 8226662
D: +353 1 8609311
Us Toll Free: 1800 882 2656

Mike has successfully gotten me on every course I have desired to play, either that day, or with a few days notice. He has suggested the correct places to stay, and has directed me to the right people to meet and contact. Mike works for Marty Carr who’s father is one of the most famous amateurs of all time, and has a prestigious amateur event played in his honor called the Carr Mara, which this year will be contested at Royal Portrush Golf Club in September.

2. Don’t expect summer like weather conditions in the summer here, its been cold, windy and rainy. The good news is that the wind can blow the storms through quite quickly, so it doesn’t rain for long.

3. The people here are real golfers, and hence take their time looking for balls in the heather and gorse, so don’t be surprised when the play slows to a crawl at times. These are serious golfers and I have seen very few putts conceited.

4. Don’t be foolish and think you can set up your own trip by using the internet, it will limit what you’ll be able to do. Using Mike at Carr golf will ensure that you play the best courses, stay at the great places to stay and dine at the best restaurants. AND its best you DON’T drive here, the country roads are VERY narrow, and cars fly by doing 120+km/hr. It can be a terrifying experience unless you are a veteran driver in those conditions.

5. The people of Ireland are extremely accommodating and helpful, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you’d like about anything, they go out of their way to be helpful.

6. There is a lot to see in this great place, I’d do more than just golf while you are here. I toured the Guinness Storehouse, it was amazing and worth seeing.

So far I’ve played 18 holes at Dooks. 18 holes at Tralee, 11 holes at Waterville and 9 holes at the Island Golf Club in Dublin. ALl of them have been amazing, especially Waterville, WOW awesome links course.

Tomorrow I play a great course I’ve never played before, Portmarnock with my pals I met at the World Golf Championship in South Korea in May. I hope to have some fun shots and video of our round.


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